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Flattening The Curve : New Data Shows Yorkshire Coast's COVID-19 Cases

Flattening The Curve : New Data Shows Yorkshire Coast's COVID-19 Cases

Published by Matthew Pells at 2:58pm 1st May 2020. (Updated at 3:01pm 1st May 2020)

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 in North and East Yorkshire appears to have reached a plateau.

The Government this week changed the way it published data on the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases and the number of deaths. The graphs below show the revised cumulative number of confirmed cases in North Yorkshire, the East Riding of Yorkshire and the City of York and appear to show a flattening of the curve with a reduction in the number of new cases recorded on a daily basis.

Previously the number of deaths only reflected those which occurred in a hospital. This week for the first time the Government numbers included deaths in care homes and the wider community. The numbers have been back dated to give a truer reflection of the pattern over time.

The data recording the number of confirmed cases was also revised and backdated.

The daily cumulative case counts are based on cases reported to PHE by diagnostic laboratories and matched to the postcode of the infected person. People who have recovered and those who have died are included in the cumulative counts.

Here are the number of confirmed cases recorded in North Yorkshire, East Yorkshire and the City of York.

Here for comparison is the graph for all confirmed cases in England.

Public Health England (PHE) said the new method of reporting deaths showed an additional 3,811 fatalities since the start of the coronavirus outbreak, about 70% of which were "outside hospital settings".

The total number of UK coronavirus deaths recorded between 2 March and 28 April and was around 17% higher than previous data showed, according to PHE.

Here are the cumulative total deaths in Hospitals for both England and the UK.



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