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Deliberate Outdoor Fires Started By Youths Say North Yorkshire Fire Service

Deliberate Outdoor Fires Started By Youths Say North Yorkshire Fire Service

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 2nd May 2020.

Parents and guardians on the Yorkshire Coast are being reminded to check where their children are.

North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue service says they have attended a small number of deliberate outdoor fires over the last few weeks, which they believe were started deliberately by children or young people.

Station Manage, Tony Walker, said:

"You need to be asking your children 'where are you going and what have you done?' and try and reinforce that even starting a small fire can develop into a large fire.

We have seen it happen on numerous occasions where a small bit of rubbish has been set alight, the youth has walked away and the next minute we've lost a full shop or an industrial unit.

They don't mean to do it, but that's how fast fires can spread.

At the moment it is kind of like a school holiday, though children shouldn't be out playing, they should be in the gardens because of the current lockdown.

But we understand sometimes parents are working and children or youths may wander out and do stuff they shouldn't be doing.

Please speak to your children, make sure they're not out having small fires, not in the local woods setting these fires because they can spread, and then what we are doing are tying up resources when we don't really need to."

Hear what Tony had to say:




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