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Scarborough Man Faces Unusual Dilemma With American Wife

Scarborough Man Faces Unusual Dilemma With American Wife

Published by Karen Liu at 6:41am 1st May 2020. (Updated at 8:01am 1st May 2020)

A Scarborough man is calling on the Home Office to extend visas for foreign nationals currently in the UK.

John Sutherland lives in Minnesota with his American wife Danika.

They were visiting John's mother in Scarborough when lockdown started and decided to stay to look after her.

Now Danika's visa is about to expire and John said:

"I'm a dual citizen and I can't take my mother as my immediate relative back to the United States.

I don't feel it's right that I should abandon her and I don't feel that my wife and I should be separated.

But at the moment, on May 31st, we'll have to have made a decision on whether to leave here just ourselves, or drag my mum to the US.

The Home Office gave a blanket extension to all visitors in the UK at moment until May 31st, which means my wife has to either leave, and leave me here to look after my mum, or we have to both leave and leave my mum here to support herself."

Danika added:

"The US is still allowing flights for US citizens to come back to the US, but it's not a matter of going back, it's I don't really want to separate from my husband.

It doesn't seem fair to me or his mum, both of us need him."

John and Danika have been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Matthew Pells:




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Richard Bagshaw, on 5th May 2020 2:50pm

Can the gentleman this article is about please contact JCWI (joint council for welfare of immigrants)

Those guys will really help him with his situation.

Also the Facebook page reunite families Uk there’s lots of support there for him.
If the person who reads this from the publication could forward this on it would be a great

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