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Scarborough Family Organises Street Bingo

Scarborough Family Organises Street Bingo

Published by Karen Liu at 12:22pm 30th April 2020.

A family in Scarborough has organised a street bingo to entertain others during the Coronavirus lockdown.

The McFarlane's from Whin Bank got the idea after seeing a similiar thing on social media.

It involves posting bingo cards through letterboxes and using a megaphone to shout out the numbers.

Second year paramedic student Jaimee McFarlane, 20, said:

"I saw a guy do it on Facebook and we used to have street parties and things like that on Whin Bank quite often.

So I thought there would be a couple of people on my street that would probably be up for doing it.

I was quite shocked at the amount of people who wanted to get involved.

I think last week we had 34 people playing, which was crazy.

At 7.30pm everyone grabs a chair and sits outside the front door and then we shout out the bingo numbers.

When somebody shouts 'bingo', one of my little sisters or my mum will deliver a prize to their house and we just leave it on the wall.

So we do one line, two lines and a full house."

Jaimee and her mum Sarah, have been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:


The Whin Bank street bingo is played every week on a Thursday at 7.30pm with pauses for the applause for key workers at 8pm.

Sarah said:

"The residents who play say that this is the highlight of their week and are very grateful for the effort she and her stepdad, Pete McFarlane have put into organising this for them, and it now feels there is an increased community feel.

I think she has done a great job and maybe other people may be able to arrange something similar in their own community."




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Margaret Jephcott, on 1st May 2020 8:19am
That is a lovely idea! Well done!

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