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Yorkshire Coast Smokers Urged to Quit During Covid-19

Yorkshire Coast Smokers Urged to Quit During Covid-19

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 30th April 2020.

Smokers on the Yorkshire coast are being advised that stopping smoking during the Covid-19 pandemic could be one of the best things they ever do.

North Yorkshire County Council says quitting now could help to save lives across the county.

It's supporting the #QuitforCovid campaign to encourage smokers to quit the habit during the pandemic.

Covid-19 is a respiratory condition affecting the lungs and airways, often causing a cough and shortness of breath. Smoking weakens the immune system and damages the lungs, meaning smokers are more likely to get complications if they get ill and will recover more slowly. Smoking in the home and in enclosed spaces can also pose a risk to others, particularly children or high-risk groups. Smoking of any kind (mainly cigarettes but also shisha, cannabis or other substances) has the same effect.

Taking action to #QuitforCovid can reduce the likelihood of complications from Covid-19 and aid a faster recovery, as well as being an excellent move for overall health. It can also help to protect the health of others in a household where people might be around secondhand smoke. This all would help to relieve some of the pressure on the NHS as stopping smoking means a healthier lifestyle with less chance of needing healthcare for smoking-related reasons.

The initiative was launched by national charity Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and the Today is the Day campaign.

Every day from 7.30pm to 8.30pm smokers needing support can join the conversation on Twitter by checking the hashtag #QuitforCovid and directing questions to expert Louise Ross. 

Director of Public Health for North Yorkshire, Dr Lincoln Sargeant, said: 

"Now is a key time to quit smoking, not only for your own health, but the health of the people around you.

The coronavirus that causes Covid-19 targets the respiratory system and because smoking also directly affects the lungs and respiratory system, it's easy to see why smokers may be more vulnerable to complications of the Covid-19 disease.

By stopping during the pandemic, the chances of being healthy are increased. Quitting also means we can reduce our chances of needing NHS treatment at a time where their services are incredibly stretched.

Even though everyone is in isolation, North Yorkshire County Council has resources to help smokers stop with our Living Well Smoke Free service. We can offer personalised support for those who want to stop."

Chief Executive of ASH, Deborah Arnott, said: 

"This is a worrying time for all of us and people are looking for what they can do to protect themselves and protect others. 

For smokers, quitting or temporarily stopping during this outbreak is one of the best things they could do right now. 

Many stop smoking services are looking at how they can support people remotely and I urge people also to use other sources of nicotine such as NRT to help them with the cravings."

Although face-to-face support isn't available currently, Living Well Smoke Free can still help smokers stop for good.

  •  There's personalised one-to-one support via telephone. 
  •  A dedicated stop smoking advisor who has been specially trained in smoking in pregnancy. 
  •  A supply of Nicotine Replacement Therapy. 

People who use this combination of support are three times more likely to quit and stay a quitter.

Visit or call Live Well Smoke Free on 01609 797272 for more information.




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JohnfromScarborough, on 30th April 2020 12:19pm
This is all doubtless very well meant, but it is difficult to see how a temporary pause now for a life long smoker will make much difference with regard to Covid 19 unfortunately,

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