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Calls For Full Refund On Scarborough Open Air Theatre Tickets

Calls For Full Refund On Scarborough Open Air Theatre Tickets

Published by Karen Liu at 12:45pm 28th April 2020.

There are calls for a full refund on tickets that were bought to see acts at Scarborough Open Air Theatre.

The 2020 season has been cancelled, with organisers saying its ticketing partners will process the refunds.

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People on social media say Ticketmaster has refunded the face value of their tickets, but not the handling fee or postage.

They say they have had to pay for the admin work, despite there being no ticket OR postage, due to the cancellation.

We have approached Ticketmaster for a comment, and they have not provided one. 




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JohnfromScarborough, on 28th April 2020 12:54pm
Perhaps we have to be grateful for the fact that they are not charging an additional fee for processing the refunds!
neil bower, on 28th April 2020 2:11pm
Just another rip off that's come to light in this crisis things will surely have to change when things return to normal people don't forget the rip off companies so beware you all know who you are your days are numbered
pteronaut, on 28th April 2020 2:18pm
They have a slightly valid argument for keeping the handling fee, but not for retaining the postage fee.

I may be wrong, but I believe that there is a law prohibiting charging for services not performed, and TicketMaster by not returning the postage fee are contrary to that law.

Either way, for all those who purchased tickets for this year's concerts, a trip to the small claims court (once it reopens) is in order.
JohnfromScarborough, on 28th April 2020 4:30pm
It is one of the great laws of capitalism that the middle men nearly always come out on top. This is even more so in the internet age where we have no choice but to tick the box to agree to the T&Cs otherwise there is no way we can buy the tickets we want never mind how much we think they are loaded in the agent's favour.
Whitbyman, on 28th April 2020 8:10pm
I don’t know about others but I paid £254 for little mix tickets and got a £251.25 refund , they only kept a £2.75 handling fee which given they emailed confirmation and updates along the way I think they handled things so can have the fee , it was ticketmaster I dealt with and I didn’t ask for a refund it happened automatically.
rtler171, on 28th April 2020 10:06pm
To be fair, I got a refund in my card account within 48 hours of the email from OAT without any action by me. On the other hand I'm still waiting 4 weeks later for ATG to refund me after I've had to refuse vouchers 3 times. The few quid ticketmaster deduced was worth the complete lack of hassle. Still waiting for about £4,700 refunds from other companies so I definitely consider this one of the better experiences!
supersmose, on 29th April 2020 3:59pm
We received our refund minus the handling fee but I actually think that is fair as they have had additional work. However I would much rather of had the option to keep my ticket for a later date. Tickets were hard to get for the shows we booked so a postponement with the option of a refund would have been the better option for us. This is what the Killers have done with their shows.

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