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Scarborough Borough Residents Urged To Report Irresponsible Behaviour

Scarborough Borough Residents Urged To Report Irresponsible Behaviour

Published by Karen Liu at 12:37pm 28th April 2020. (Updated at 12:45pm 28th April 2020)

Residents in Scarborough borough are being encouraged to report irresponsible behaviour during Coronavirus.

The council's Deputy Leader, Liz Colling, says it is everyone's responsibility to try to save lives.

If you see something you think is wrong, even if you're not sure, you're asked to tell the council or police.

Liz said:

"If you see somebody, or a group of people, engaging in behaviour that's a risk to public health; so a group congregating or a group having a barbecue, then please report that to police on 101.

If you see somebody who you think is using a holiday home, or some accommodation, please can you report that to the council.

We hold some records of where these properties might be being used legitimately for key workers, or people who are isolating.

It may be that we can come straight back to you and say 'actually that property we know is being lived in by..' and that's absolutely fine.

We go together, ask some questions and where appropriate, we'll ask people to leave."

Liz says they have looked at reports of approximately 20 second homes in Whitby, Staithes and Lythe; approximately 20 in Filey; and one so far in Scarborough. 

Here is what Liz had to say:


Anyone who wants to report irresponsible behaviour across the Borough of Scarborough, can do so by calling the Community Impact Team on 01723 383646.

Or you can email:

People are asked to be specific such as house number and street name.




There are 5 comments on this page.

PhillH, on 28th April 2020 2:05pm
So when all the police gather to clap i can report this to the council bet they do nothing.
phoenixweb, on 28th April 2020 2:18pm
Not sure asking residents to report others is the right way to move forwards. Social distancing, self isolation can only take place by consent not by encouraging 'neighbours' to report each other. That is not how our democracy works.
And on a slightly other point have I missed something but where is Cllr Siddons theLeader, in our troubled times.
Dan Stuart, on 29th April 2020 7:29am
Certainly not the way to go, getting the public to do your dirty work.
What do we all pay council tax for?
zara, on 29th April 2020 9:45pm
sorry deputy leader but i am social isolating so do not have time to worry about what others are doing and to be honest i could not care less. I am not an advocate of the 'lockdown' but being a good little citizen i am complying with it so far, wonder if you are?? As mentioned before where is our leader?? Anyone know?
MPB1, on 30th April 2020 11:18am
From these comments, I guess we shouldn’t be supporting key workers and community is officially dead. Shame on you for these comments.

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