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Free 'Thank You' Weekend In Whitby For NHS Workers

Free 'Thank You' Weekend In Whitby For NHS Workers

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 24th April 2020. (Updated at 9:05am 26th April 2020)

A free 'thank you' weekend has been organised in Whitby for NHS workers on the frontline of the Coronavirus outbreak.

A large number of businesses will provide free accomodation, meals, drinks and even surfing lessons.

It is due to take place on Friday 2nd October and Saturday 3rd October, but can be rescheduled if the lockdown remains in place. 

As of yesterday (Thursday 23rd April), 86 businesses have signed up, which will provide around 100 rooms, and 26 bars and restaurants will provide the food and drinks.

There has also been almost 500 applications from NHS workers. 

The event has been organised by the newly-formed Whitby Hospitality Group and Andy Brown, who is from there, said:

"The idea came from my wife and she thought in spite of the obvious financial hardship of the various sort of hospitality businesses in the town, wouldn't it be fantastic if the town could come together and say a big thank you to the NHS workers, and their families, in harms way.

She just thought 'wouln't be fantastic if we say let's give them a free weekend to say thank you?'" 

Andy added:

"We have all been hit very hard by the lockdown, which we think may well result in significant financial damage to the businesses in the town.

However, we all felt that even though we are only offering a little, it's all we have and we wanted to something tangible to say thank you to the people who are literally putting themselves on the line for us.

We hope that as time progresses the whole of Whitby will get behind this plan and provide our NHS friends with a weeend that they will always remember. 

We also hope that the people who live in the town will go out on that weekend and buy their NHS friends a drink, or two.

We encourage guest houses, hotels, pubs and restaurants to join the scheme by visiting the new website"

NHS frontline workers can apply or be nominated for the free event on the website - the cut off for applications is 28th August 2020.

Andy's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:


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whitbycolin, on 24th April 2020 9:18am
I can imagine in this time of unertainty that an event like this might be concerning, we can but hpe that things are very very different then.

It is such a good idea and thank you to the businesses that have already pledged to help. I have ha the help of many NHS staff over the years but do not know them in person. I will though endevour to pop out and hopefully be able to show my gratitude to the staff of which I hope many many turn out.
JohnfromScarborough, on 26th April 2020 11:03am
I can see the thinking behind this initiative, but it does seem to be very generous for it everything to be free for (presumably) the whole weekend. Many of the front line workers in things like critical care are relatively well paid and it would be unfortunate if all the places went to the better paid NHS staff rather than the support workers. And possibly require ICU consultants (whose salary starts at £80k) who wish to participate to pay for themselves. I am sure that the organisers will be aware of the demographic of the NHS workforce which means that there are many who have specific dietary requirements and /or do not drink alcohol .

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