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Motorist Stopped For Making Non-Essential Drive To Filey

Motorist Stopped For Making Non-Essential Drive To Filey

Published by Karen Liu at 8:04am 21st April 2020. (Updated at 9:15am 21st April 2020)

A driver has been stopped by North Yorkshire Police for making a non-essential journey to the Yorkshire Coast.

Sgt. Paul Cording from the Roads Policing Group tweeted a picture of a car being stopped on his way back to Lancashire from Filey.

The officer said the driver had come to the town to metal detect on the beach.

Sgt. Cording said it was not an essential journey under the current COVID-19 guidelines and the driver was reported.

He received this tweet asking why a report was given and provided this answer: 





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zara, on 21st April 2020 10:29am
bit late after the event, surely it would have been more effective stopping him coming into the town and not out of the town! At least he got his day out for his fine...
John Wilson, on 21st April 2020 1:15pm
obviously stupid and brain dead
Whitbyman, on 21st April 2020 3:24pm
Wouldn’t waste time fining them , just stick them on a Covid 19 ward for 24 hours , let them see how devastating this disease is , if they catch it ? Well they’re clearly not worried as they wander around the country .
1736rob, on 22nd April 2020 6:29pm
People are still not getting it!
I have friends who are saying people are still visiting family and neighbours in rural areas as if nothing is out of the ordinary!

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