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Bridlington Animal Park Appeals For Funds To Keep It Going

Bridlington Animal Park Appeals For Funds To Keep It Going

Published by Karen Liu at 2:21pm 20th April 2020.

Bridlington Animal Park is appealing for funds to keep it going.

Owner Paul Woodward says it is difficult for him to furlough staff, and the animals still need food.

He said:

"There's a lot of tidying up getting done, but unfortunately we'd like to do some more building, but we daren't spend on building materials; because how long is a piece of string? We just don't know how long this is going to last and money will just dwindle, dwindle and dwindle. So we daren't do any building.

The dream is re-opening in the summer. If we open before they can go back in September, in theory, that will work, because we've got to make money before September to see us all through the winter to next Easter.

So we're doing alright, but we still need that bit of income coming in."

Paul has been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

For more information about how you can help Bridlington Animal Park, visit: https://bridlingtonanimalpark.co.uk/


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Barra, on 21st April 2020 6:46am
What do you require ?

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