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Three Fold Increase in Fly Tipping in Parts of North Yorkshire

Three Fold Increase in Fly Tipping in Parts of North Yorkshire

Published by Matthew Pells with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Stuart Minting at 6:00am 18th April 2020.

North Yorkshire County Council is facing calls to find ways to reopen its household waste recycling centres (HWRCs) following a spike in fly-tipping incidents.

The authority closed all it's tips in response to the COVID 19 outbreak but now District councils, including Hambleton and Richmondshire, in North Yorkshire have said despite appeals issued not to fly-tip earlier this month, their staff had faced cleaning up increasing volumes of household and garden waste.

Richmondshire District Council said its officers are dealing with a three-fold increase in fly-tipped waste. In the last three weeks members of the authority’s street scene team have had to pick up 30 lots of dumped waste.

Meanwhile Hambleton District Council has seen 18 fly-tipping incidents since April 1 – more than one a day.

Richmondshire council director Colin Dales said

“We are diverting much needed street cleansing resources to picking up waste tipped by irresponsible and anti social individuals.

Despite the situation we are in at the moment we will continue to prosecute fly tippers.”

Earlier this month the county council urged householders to reduce the amount of waste they create while the HWRCs are closed and kerbside collection services are under pressure as a result of the Covid-19 outbreak.

The council’s executive member for waste management Councillor Andrew Lee said the authority’s approach was “safety first at all times”, but added it was monitoring the situation and is holding talks with district councils about managing waste.

He said:

“If there’s a way of reopening the sites that would maintain the protection against the virus we would explore all possibilities.”

He said it was unacceptable for people to use the fact that HWRCs are closed as an excuse for fly-tipping.

Residents in the East Riding are also being encouraged to help prevent fly-tipping during the coronavirus lockdown, by not giving their rubbish to unlicensed waste collectors.

Tips in the East Riding are also closed.

Head of streetscene services at East Riding of Yorkshire Council, Paul Tripp, said:

“Fly-tipping has continued since the coronavirus lockdown, but residents can play a big part in helping us prevent it.

If you hire a waste collector always follow the simple checks in the SCRAP Code, such as checking their licence and getting a receipt, to avoid falling victim to rogue operators.

If you are unsure we would ask you to keep hold of your waste until the household waste recycling sites are back open.”

Anyone caught fly-tipping could be ordered to pay a £400 fixed penalty notice and, if unpaid, the issue will be taken to court, where they could face an unlimited fine or even imprisonment.




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Lucylastik, on 18th April 2020 2:39pm
It seems counter productive to keep recycling centres closed when social distancing can be easily observed.
This is a time when people need places to dispose their waste and reducing options to recycle not only causes fly-tipping but promotes disease and mess.
Barra, on 18th April 2020 5:57pm
Totally unacceptable lock them up.
Yorkshire80, on 19th April 2020 10:47am
People should be ashamed of themselves and harsher penalties put in place

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