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Annual Beach Dog Ban Retained in Scarborough

Annual Beach Dog Ban Retained in Scarborough

Published by Jon Burke at 3:42pm 17th April 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council is reminding dog owners of the seasonal restrictions for dogs on the borough’s main beaches, which come into effect on Friday 1 May and apply up to and including Wednesday 30 September.

There are dog bans in place on the main sections of beach at Scarborough South Bay and North Bay, Whitby West Cliff and Tate Hill, Filey and Sandsend. The areas where dogs are not permitted will be clearly signposted at all beach access points.

Full details of the specific dog ban areas can be found on the council’s website at

A number of residents have questioned whether the dog bans should be relaxed this year due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Scarborough Borough Council Cabinet Member for Neighbourhoods, Cllr Tony Randerson, explained why the measures will remain the same:

“The seasonal dog bans play an important role in helping to keep our beaches and bathing waters as clean as possible during the spring and summer months. Our responsibility to ensure this is maintained is no different this year.

While we accept that less people are on our beaches at the moment due to the coronavirus restrictions, a relaxation of the bans would have to be subject to a very lengthy public consultation and decision making process. This would not give us the time or flexibility to react to any easing of social distancing measures that could see our beaches suddenly become busy again.

There are still sections of beach where dogs can be exercised freely and responsibly, within a short walk of the main beaches, as well as many other areas in the borough. We are confident that dog owners will have the space they need to be able to walk their dogs within the vicinity of their own home, as part of their permitted daily exercise, and adhere to social distancing.”

Breaches of dog bans can be dealt with by a fixed penalty notice of £75, but if prosecuted through the courts, the offences carry a maximum £1000 fine.

The council would also like to remind dog owners that they must, by law, clear up their dog’s faeces and take away and dispose of the sealed bags. The law applies to all beaches and public places.




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Yorkshire80, on 17th April 2020 3:54pm
I've been for a walk several times this week and people are walking their dogs in tge banned areas, many letting them off the leads too. Most dog owners are very sensible but I've also noticed some people aren't picking up after their dogs, especially in the town
Deggers, on 18th April 2020 9:13am
In reply to your comment. The dog ban on the beach doesn’t come into effect until the 1st May, so that’s why you can see dogs on the beach with or without leads (which is allowed).
Barra, on 17th April 2020 6:11pm
Can someone tell me why so called responsible dog owners pick up there dogs mess, and then throw the bag on the floor or in a tree/bush. If you ask so called responsible dog owners this question, the reply you always get is. I NEVER DO THAT, well who does then.
neil bower, on 19th April 2020 7:14pm
Keep dog ban on I live on seafront and people are not cleaning there dogs mess up sorry but as always a few spoil it for the majority

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