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Second Attempt To Turn Lebberston Pub Into Family Home

Second Attempt To Turn Lebberston Pub Into Family Home

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 10:12am 14th April 2020.

A second attempt is being made to turn a village pub in Lebberston into a family home.

Last year, Kevin Makepeace applied to use the Ox Inn as a house following a number of failed attempts to keep it operating as a business.

In his submission to the council, Mr Makepeace stated that he bought the business out of receivership nine years ago and that the pub was no longer “financially viable”.

Scarborough Council planners refused the request, saying that not enough “robust” evidence had been supplied to show that there was no interest in retaining the pub.

Six people also objected to the plans as did the Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA), which claimed the pub had declined due to a “laissez-faire attitude to opening hours”.

Now, Mr Makepeace has submitted a revised application to the council, again asking for permission to turn the village pub into a home.

His submission states:

“The Ox Inn being the smaller of the pubs in the village and has not been commercially viable for several years.

The premises should have ceased trading a long time ago if it was not for a financial subsidy from the property owner.

This financial assistance is not sustainable and has now ceased.

The commercial rent agreed for the Ox Inn was set over 12 years ago with no increase since.

To try and make the pub financially viable the pub owners implemented major rent reductions.

These reduced rents have not averted year on year poor trading figure.

The actual amount of rent collected in the last trading year was around the same amount as a landlord would achieve for a one-bedroomed flat in Scarborough.

This confirms the business is unsustainable and is unlikely to ever open again.”

The plans are now out to consultation.




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zara, on 14th April 2020 11:55am
used to be one of the busiest pubs in the area when James ran it. Even after that it still did a lot of business. Why does he not make efforts to sell it to someone who might want to run it as a business, no he just wants to change the planning into a family home so he can sell it and make a vast amount of property. Wonder if he has actually produced any evidence that the council originally asked him for about his attempts to find someone to take it on. More to the point as he was living in it illegally as a home what has the council done about that????
zara, on 14th April 2020 11:57am
Forgot to add that it is actually the only pub IN the village the other is the Plough which attracts lots of holiday makers from the camps and not everyone likes to go to crowded busy pubs, some prefer the more sedate ones.
Barra, on 14th April 2020 8:08pm
Keep the pub as a pub or put it on the open market and sell it as a pub. This is a vital part of the community, don’t wreck it to make a few quid.

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