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North Yorkshire Yet To See Peak In Coronavirus Cases

North Yorkshire Yet To See Peak In Coronavirus Cases

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 13th April 2020.

It could still be weeks before North Yorkshire sees a peak in cases of coronavirus.

That is from the county's Director of Public Health, who agrees with the idea that it is behind other areas like London.

But, Doctor Lincoln Sargeant does say that although the number of infections is still increasing, it is going up by less.

He said:

"The pattern has been that we are beginning to see a flattening of the number of cases.

So we still see an increase more or less day-on-day, but the rate of increase is less than what we had initially anticipated.

The socially distancing, the public health mesaures that have been in place, the fact that the vast majority of people have been remaining at home have reduced their social contact.

We're seeing that play through in the numbers, not only in North Yorkshire, but across the country the numbers are less scary."




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