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Scarborough Police Officer Patrols 'Empty' Town

Scarborough Police Officer Patrols 'Empty' Town

Published by Karen Liu at 1:03pm 10th April 2020.

Police officers in Scarborough have been patrolling this morning and have thanked people for staying at home.

The force says the town is usually packed on a bank holiday.

It posted pictures of an empty Scarborough saying:

"We'll all meet again one day but until then, thank you for staying at home and saving lives"

empty scarborough


It comes as North Yorkshire Police also posted a picture of the A64 near Malton this morning, which is also usually very busy on a bank holiday.

It shows that it was deserted:




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Simon Herbert, on 10th April 2020 3:30pm
Great to see for everyone in Scarborough... This is not the case in Filey, the town is full of visitors!!! The queues are longer than when all this started in the local supermarket, very distressing and disappointing for the shop workers who are trying to do the best for the local community. Visitors you should hold your head down low when walking round Filey as the locals know your not from here, you need to go home...
shania2wain, on 10th April 2020 7:02pm
A huge big thank you to our police officers who are out everyday making sure our streets are clear and no-one is putting themselves and us at risk. The NHS who are day after day looking after our families and friends who have caught this awful illness. Teachers who are still schooling the children whose parents are working to put an end to this terrible virus. The doctors nurses and chemists who are making sure we get the medication we need. The council staff who do so many things its hard to list them all, Our children who are off school but cannot go out to meet their friends, thank goodness for mobile phones and laptops now lol!! we complain they are on them too much but now they could well save a lot of bored children getting into mischief, and not forgetting our armed forces, who when all else fails they are always there to jump in and try their best to save the situation..... and finally all the ordinary everyday people who have done so many fantastic things to help people who struggle to get their shopping, who try to cheer people up, its the great British spirit that will get us through these dark times, I know its hard missing out on a holiday, but I live in Scarborough and we need people to keep away please so our police, ambulance staff and NHS get on with the job of caring for the people who have this virus, its not nice seeing all the town closed down, but once it is all over there will be street parties all over the UK to celebrate coming out of this dark era. Good luck everyone keep safe!!
zara, on 11th April 2020 11:08am
Someone said it was people from The Bay that are here, not sure if that is true but probably because they must be staying somewhere if the police are saying the roads were quite. Probably crept in under cover of darkness a couple of days age!!

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