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Hotel Rooms To House Homeless Families In Scarborough

Hotel Rooms To House Homeless Families In Scarborough

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 11:36am 10th April 2020.

Scarborough Council has struck a deal to provide up to 24 hotel rooms for an initial six months to house homeless families during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The authority will also write to the Government asking to be reimbursed the cost of the measures, which has not been revealed at this stage.

Details of the move were made public following an urgent decision taken by the council’s chief executive Mike Greene yesterday (Thursday 9th).

The decision reveals that the authority has entered into a partnership with Wheelhouse Ventures to provide up to 24 rooms at three hotels.

On its website Wheelhouse Ventures advertises rooms at the Rowntree Lodge, The Maynard and The Redcliffe, all in Scarborough’s South Bay.

The council will underwrite the cost of providing the hotel rooms and also for “floating security” on evenings and weekends to support the management of all the temporary accommodation across the borough.

The printed decision taken by Mr Greene adds that the council will “ensure all accommodated people sign up to Housing Benefit; noting that any Housing Benefit receipts will reduce the costs underwritten by the council.”

It also states that the council will  write to Government for “reimbursement of this additional noting that the council has acted in good faith, to respond to the Government’s request to accommodate all rough sleepers.”

A report into the chief executive’s decision has not been made public by the council.

The move comes after councils across the country were asked to find accommodation for homeless people in their area in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.




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zara, on 10th April 2020 9:03pm
Wonder why the report has not been made public? Wonder if they will get the reimbursement from the government or that the local taxpayers will end up paying? Why do they need 'floating security' on nights and week ends, i thought non workers were not supposed to go out during the day? Any answers??
Dave 21, on 11th April 2020 5:56pm
I feel very deeply for the homeless people in our country many of them who had no wish to be in that situation. I am lucky I have a bed and a roof over it. It is with shame on this country and the relevant authorities it has taken this virus situation to finally help these people to have a basic place to call home. Lets hope those being given a place can then go on to better things in their lives. Sometimes we all need a little help.

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