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Fears Over Potential Holiday Lets In Scarborough Borough

Fears Over Potential Holiday Lets In Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 7:01am 11th April 2020. (Updated at 10:42am 11th April 2020)

There have been complaints about properties potentially still being used as holiday lets across Scarborough Borough.

While some holiday home owners say their properties are being used free of charge by local NHS staff, so they can distance themselves from their families in case they catch the virus whilst working, there remains concern that other properties are being used by visitors to the area.

Liz Colling is Deputy Leader of the Borough Council, and says they have received a number of complaints:

"There's quite a lot of second homes across the borough, but particularly in north of the borough.

Residents are all indoors, we're all looking out of our windows and our residents are telling us, that they're seeing people arriving at holiday lets.

We had some complaints yesterday and the police did go and visit. 

Now on the occasions they did speak to people, one said he was the son of the owner and he'd been there for a few weeks and the other said they were full time residents. 

But, the police will check. If you let us know and ring through on our normal customer number, if you suspect a property is being used as a holiday let, the police will go and interrogate them. 

If they're of an inappropriate occupation, then they will be told to go home."

Cllr Colling has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Kev Roberts:





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zara, on 11th April 2020 11:03am
so suddenly the nosy neighbours are reporting these incidents to the police and there appears not to have been a problem. What is it with people these days, if the people have been in residence before March 23rd why are the neigbours only complaining now? Same about the incident i heard about where a nurse had a nasty abusive letter pushed through her letterbox as she was staying in a holiday let and told to go home. Then some people said the owner should have put a note on the fence saying it was being used by an NHS worker! What planet do some people live on? Nice way to spread infection shoving dirty notes through someones letterbox and being where they were not supposed to be.
JohnfromScarborough, on 11th April 2020 11:17am
"the police will go and interrogate them" What dreadful language to use. This is not China, Russia or the former East Germany Cllr Colling.

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