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Donations Needed For Materials To Make Scarborough PPE

Donations Needed For Materials To Make Scarborough PPE

Published by Karen Liu at 12:52pm 8th April 2020.

An appeal has been launched for a donation of materials to make Personal Protection Equipment for Scarborough Hospital.

It will also be for workers at Cross Lane Hospital, St. Catherine’s, St. Cecilia’s, and some GP surgeries.

Simon Bull, who is from Scarborough Business Ambassadors, said:

"There seems to be a short term need at the moment for face visors and safety eye wear.

Rob Shepherd at Scarborough UTC got hold of a design, so what we thought we'd do was put out an appeal for some material, which we're a bit short of, and also for anyone else who has the right kind of equipment for making these face visors. It's going well so far.

There are two materials required for this, A4 acetate sheets, the stuff that you would bind a report with and also polypropylene sheets between 0.5mm-0.8mm and it can be in any colour.

So if anyone out there does have any, then we would really appreciate any supply of that."

Simon has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

They need the following:

A source for Polypropylene sheet, 0.5-0.8mm thickness, any colour in or near Scarborough. This for the production of the Face Shield head band and requires CO2 laser cutting to a medically approved design, which is available on request (minimum laser bed size is 300mm x 400mm).

The other component is A4 clear acetate/PVC binder cover - 100 to 200 micron thickness which is also needed.

Wherever you are if you have the materials and/or capability to produce this product, then email or ring 01723 584250.




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