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Visually Impaired Yorkshire Coast Residents 'Shouted At'

Visually Impaired Yorkshire Coast Residents 'Shouted At'

Published by Karen Liu at 1:01pm 7th April 2020.

Visually impaired residents on the Yorkshire Coast are being 'shouted out' for not socially distancing.

That is according to Yorkshire Coast Sight Support, who says it is happening to its members at supermarkets.

Manager Colin Eastwood said:

"Some of these people have little bits of vision, so they can't tell how closely you're stood, they can't see the lines and they can't even see the arrows.

If they've got a guide dog, the familiar routes that they use, have now become unfamiliar routes. Guide dogs can't read and it can't follow arrows.

People could just be a little bit patient, just ask the person, don't shout at them.

If the person looks to be having a bit of difficulty, just try and help them.

You don't have to go up close, just clearly explain what they think the person may be doing wrong, you know 'could you move along to the next line, please? I will tell you when to stop'.

You know, that type of thing is just so much of a big help to somebody who's visually impaired".

Colin has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

Anyone who is visually impaired, or knows someone who is and they need help, then they can contact Yorkshire Coast Sight Support on 01723 354417 and leave a message.

They are also desperately need funding, as their charity shops have had to close.




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