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Concerns Over Scarborough Borough Bin Collectors Addressed

Concerns Over Scarborough Borough Bin Collectors Addressed

Published by Karen Liu at 12:46pm 7th April 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council has addressed concerns over its bin collectors.

It is after they were asked whether the workers were being protected during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Liz Colling, Deputy Leader, said:

"We have sent some bin collectors before it all kicked off because they had underlying health conditions.

So the ones that you see are fit and healthy and almost volunteers if you like.

This is a very difficult one for us and we have been following best practice guidance and working closely with our crews, trade unions and health and safety officers to make our waste collection operations as safe as practicable.  

Unfortunately, there are certain types of work where it is very difficult to apply the social distancing guidance such as in health care settings, fire service operations and refuse collection for example. We have, however, taken a number of steps, driven by risk assessment, to keep our crews safe including

  • the provision of hot water hand washing facilities and hand sanitiser on all our refuse vehicles
  • maintaining consistent collection crews to reduce the risk of cross infection
  • sanitising vehicle cabs each day
  • reducing the number of Loaders in each vehicle cab to as low a number as practicable
  • provision of PPE such as nitrile gloves to prevent cross infection. 
  • training for all staff
  • social distancing measures in all our depots
  • weekly review in conjunction with the trade unions on any new best practice guidance".

Liz also answered a question about whether or not Scarborough Borough Council should 're-evaluate the manpower and assign more appropriate functions' to those involved in cleaning the area, like road sweeping and bin collectors.

The resident gave an example about fly-tipping, as he reported an incident and the authority did not remove the waste, but delivered more bins.

Liz said:

"The officers have a tactical team and we're very conscious that emptying domestic bins, especially as the weather gets warmer, is quite key.

So they make decisions almost on a daily basis. If anybody sees any fly-tipping, please report it in. I think the service where we would almost be out there on the same day, might not be quite as responsive, but the team will do their very best."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning, where he put those questions to her, as well as asking her how the weekend went:

North Yorkshire County Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council have both issued advice on keeping waste to a minimum, and are urging residents to not fly-tip.

You can read what they had to say here: Residents Urged to Keep Waste to a MinimumS




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