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"Accessing Second Homes is Not Essential Travel"

"Accessing Second Homes is Not Essential Travel"

Published by Matthew Pells at 8:03am 4th April 2020.

The Chief Executive of North Yorkshire County Council is calling on people to stay at home and not travel to the coast or local beauty spots this weekend.

In a message to residents and visitors Richard Flinton reiterates that the police will "turn away people who do not live here permanently" and says "Accessing second homes is not essential travel"

Mr Flinton also thanked local business who have made donation of PPE equipment to the county's health an social care staff saying

"While we have resolved some of our problems and been able to take delivery of sanitising gel, aprons and protective goggles – we still await significant deliveries of crucial face masks. I will keep you informed on progress.  Donations and provisions from local businesses have been very welcome"

Dr Lincoln Sargeant, Director of Public Health for North Yorkshire, has provided an update on the number of COVID-19 infections in the county saying..

"The number of cases in North Yorkshire continues to increase.  The 2nd April saw a smaller daily increase compared with the previous day, with 14 new cases identified, bringing the overall total to 163.  Cases continue to increase exponentially and, despite this fall in new cases, it is anticipated that daily new cases will continue to increase.  Cases are those confirmed by test, there is likely to be ten times that number in the community."

Here is Richard Flinton's message in full.

"You will see from all of this how critical it is that everyone continues to play their part in obeying all the health and hygiene messages issued by PHE and the NHS. Protect yourselves and help save lives while we face the very challenging days and weeks still to come.

his week has been another very difficult week for us all. Nationally we are seeing infection rates, and very sadly the number of deaths, rise significantly. Today’s UK figures are desperately sad.  Confirmed cases in North Yorkshire are also rising, as you will see from our Director of Public Health’s update below. While we are certainly not in the position of some of the worst hit areas – we anticipate that both positive test results and the number of people who lose their lives to this virus will continue to rise here too over the coming weeks. This is a very dangerous virus that we must make every effort together to battle.

A new campaign launched nationally is very clear on the importance of social distancing and each of us undertaking essential travel only, to help save lives. This campaign tells us to act as though we all have it and therefore take the maximum care in our daily lives – adhering stringently to the lock-down guidance. Put frankly those who don’t adhere are putting the lives of others at risk. I have also been asked by our county police gold commander to reiterate the fact that they will be out on the roads again over the weekend and coming Bank Holidays and will turn away people away who do not live here permanently.  Accessing second homes is not essential travel. It’s important to also remember – with the weekend forecast for good weather - that you should not gather in coastal communities or other beauty spots. The instruction is to exercise from your doorstep once a day not to travel to other places for this.

It is also a week in which we have seen more outstanding work by so many critical workers. Despite the NHS facing the ‘greatest challenge’ in its history, five nightingale hospitals are being kitted out from scratch across the country. This includes the new facility at Harrogate Convention Centre which will provide additional facilities for those critically ill – including any patients from our county, if that become necessary. NHS staff have done in days what would usually take months or years. That resilience and conviction is evident too with our own teams who are – as I write -  implementing a brand new model for health and social care services. This tremendous achievement will mean we can take some pressure off our NHS colleagues and provide the right level of care for non-critical patients away from hospital.  It is a really fantastic achievement that will make a big difference for our county in its response to this virus.

Nationally you will have heard about the difficulties experienced in getting appropriate Personal Protective Equipment for many frontline staff. This remains a concern despite how hard we have worked to get what we need for our health and social care staff, social workers and others on the frontline. While we have resolved some of our problems and been able to take delivery of sanitising gel, aprons and protective goggles – we still await significant deliveries of crucial face masks. I will keep you informed on progress.  Donations and provisions from local businesses have been very welcome and there is more on that below.

The huge community response efforts also continue at pace. Our customer service staff have already contacted hundreds of people we know are in isolation due to vulnerabilities. Early feedback is that this is very well received. We do not want anyone to feel they are alone and our community partners have risen to this challenge with remarkable vigour to lead this piece of work where it’s needed.

From next week a multi-agency coordination centre will operate from 3 Racecourse Lane, Northallerton.  This will offer all partners the opportunity to share systems and facilities – with strict social distancing and hygiene measures in place. This will further enhance our multi-agency working and should be a reassuring move for all.

As globally confirmed COVID-19 cases exceed one million, I can assure you that the partners involved in our north Yorkshire Local Resilience Forum continue to do everything possible to mitigate and plan for impacts from this unprecedented crisis here.

Please stay safe and stick to all the rules. We all need to continue – now more than ever – to do our bit to help save lives in our county and protect the NHS."




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pj25, on 4th April 2020 12:02pm
I am afraid this isn't the case. A couple from Leeds arrived Friday night. I reported this on 101 and was polite told the police do not have the necessary powers to do anything about this. All second home owners currently have the right to us their property; in this case all the neighbours are classified as being vulnerable with one receiving a letter from the government informing him/her to isolate for 12 weeks.
Diddy dave, on 4th April 2020 3:47pm
why oh why do people think they are any different and can travel just because they have a second home or caravan etc just stay at home please it is not worth it they will still be there when this is over
Charles Lumley, on 5th April 2020 6:20pm
How are people who continue to access 2nd homes being monitored? What measures are in place to deal with these people? Do members of the community have a role to play?

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