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'Stay Away From The Yorkshire Coast And Beaches'

'Stay Away From The Yorkshire Coast And Beaches'

Published by Karen Liu at 12:51pm 3rd April 2020. (Updated at 7:17am 4th April 2020)

People are being asked to stay away from the Yorkshire Coast and its beaches this weekend.

That is from Liz Colling, Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, as the weather is expected to be better than last weekend.

She said:

"We were really lucky last weekend, it was bleak down the fronts, it was lovely.

It's not going to be so lucky this weekend, it's going to be glorious, I've just seen the weather forecast.

Please stay away from the coast, please don't come to our lovely beaches.

If you've got to get in your car to go for a walk, please don't. Just think long and hard."

She is also reiterating for people to not visit villages across the borough.

Liz added:

"I have a brother who lives in a village not far from Scarborough and they walk around daily for their exercise.

He says he's seen lots of parked cars, lots of people he doesn't recognise, lots of people with dogs.

They might have only come from Scarborough, but they've still driven a few miles to go somewhere.

Please try and stay as local to home as possible."

Liz has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning, where she also discusses council tax deferrals, bonfires and group dispersal:




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Whitbyman, on 3rd April 2020 1:49pm
It’s great appealing to the public’s better nature but the sad fact is , as this pandemic has proven , it hasn’t got one , some of the same people who applaud on a Thursday night are the ones who turn up at Scarborough and lots of other places because in today’s society of self self self no one cares about other people , only themselves, these people are not even a minority anymore, how can hundreds of thousands of people nationwide be a minority .
Until people are stopped , fined or locked up this will continue , the police say they warn then encourage people to go home , well this and many other articles are your warning , don’t come here we don’t want you
The Orical, on 5th April 2020 11:50am
If the government has to extend the lockdown
It could see people not being allowed out for
Exercise. Most impact on the dog owners who
Walk their beloved pets. In lockdown in places like
Spain you can stand outside your apartment block,
Dog on lead and bag in hand no further. You walk
Down the road, in the park or on the beach, you'll
Be stopped, heavily fined, your beloved pet will
Then be removed to pay the ultimate price, their
Life. It hard but pets before people, no court to
Appeal. Dogs out on own or on beach are just shot
Not for tabbies but they can't be processed in a
Time of emergency measures. I don't think
This could happen in UK hopefully but these
Joyriders are pulling us down this slippery slope.
ONLY GO OUT IF URGENT and not for social grace.

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