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Scarborough Hospital Worker Frustrated About Testing

Scarborough Hospital Worker Frustrated About Testing

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 2:04pm 2nd April 2020.

A worker at Scarborough Hospital has expressed their frustrations at not being tested for Coronavirus.

The worker, who we are not going to name, has been on the front line helping patients who have Covid-19, they are currently self isolating but as yet have not been tested, which means they cannot go back to work.

They also drew attention to the odd situation around testing saying that if a member of their family began to show symptoms, they would be tested.

Their comments came after Prime Minister Boris Johnson's video last night, in which he outlined some of the things the government is doing to protect the NHS.

The Scarborough Hospital worker added that they want to get back to work, and they feel guilty and distressed that they cannot support their colleagues to do the job they love.

The government has come under increasing pressure as testing numbers have remained low. 

Boris Johnson has promised to "massively ramp up" testing, after recognising it is the way we will beat the outbreak.

Public Health England says they are on course to reach their daily target of 25,000 checks a day by the middle of the month.

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Whitbyman, on 2nd April 2020 3:42pm
I can understand health professionals being tested but why is there a need to test them if they’ve self isolated for the required time ? They cannot still be spreading because if they are then so are the rest of us who have gone back to work without a test and after doing the requirements of self isolating, I’m also a key worker so if I get symptoms and isolate should I go back to work or wait to be tested ?

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