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Crowdfunder Set Up For PPE At Scarborough Hospital

Crowdfunder Set Up For PPE At Scarborough Hospital

Published by Karen Liu at 12:39pm 1st April 2020.

A crowdfunding page has been set up for personal protection equipment at Scarborough Hospital.

It is to help staff on the frontline fight the Coronavirus outbreak while they are treating patients.

It has been created by Scarborough resident, John Parkes, who says it is vital:

"This is protecting these people. These people get up on a morning and they're going into effectively a war zone.

Technically, it's life threatening for them. They need this equipment so that they can protect themselves from infected people.

Some of it is very low cost equipment. Masks are pennies so even if you can donate £1, that makes a difference.

I set a sensible target of £250 before I had gone to bed last night, within 12 hours, and I've just got up this morning and we've more than doubled the target.

The hospital have set up a charity fund, so we will be donating this money directly into that charity fund so the hospital can buy the equipment that they need for Scarborough Hospital.

They make all the decisions, not us, we're just doing the fundraising."

John's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning:

Anyone who wants to donate can do so here:




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martin whittle, on 2nd April 2020 9:56am
I would love to donate something to help the staff at Scarborough Hospital but sadly past experience has taught me that donating directly into York teaching hospitals charitable fund means the money goes into one big pot and the money donated used for whatever they want and probably won't be used for the purpose or even the hospital you have donated it for.If the money could be ringfenced for PPE for Scarborough i would be there like a shot to make my contribution.
JP007, on 3rd April 2020 6:04pm
Martin you are incorrect- this money will be earmarked for PPE soley for Scarborough. Hospital. Thank John

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