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Row Over Bridlington Micropub Plan

Row Over Bridlington Micropub Plan

Published by Local Democracy Reporter Joe Gerrard at 5:18pm 30th March 2020.

Developers behind plans to transform a vacant sweet shop in Bridlington into a micropub have hit back, saying they are not creating a place of “debauchery and wild partying".

Objectors to the planned pub claimed its location, near a homeless hostel, could encourage binge drinking and increase noise levels.

There were also concerns the Marshall Avenue proposal would set a precedent for more new pubs to open in what is currently a highly populated residential area.

The building is currently vacant but was previously the Memory Lane sweet shop.

The Bridlington Central Area Action group wrote to East Riding Council, claiming the opening of a pub in the area would be inappropriate.

Group chairman, Gerry Harran, said there was overwhelming opposition to the plans when locals met to discuss them.

Mr Harran said:

“Our main concern is that the pub would be close to a hostel used by the homeless.

Some of those using the hostel have problems with alcohol.

It would also be a new nightlife development in the area and the feeling is that this might open the door to others.

It could be the first of many. It’s not beyond the realms of possibility that some of the large units on Marshall Avenue get bought and turned into pubs and bars.

We wanted to make sure the plans get the proper scrutiny and are not just passed on the nod. If this application is accepted it’s less likely others would be refused.

There’s no licensed pubs on the six streets we represent. But we already have noise complaints from locals against a pub nearby.

If they do get it approved we will try to welcome them. We represent businesses in the area as well as residents."

The Bridlington Central Action Group said in its objection to the council that while it noted positive developments cited by the developer, competition may push them to expand.

Bridlington Town Council also objected to the plans.

It said the opening of a pub could have a “detrimental” impact on the area.

The council also objected because it plans to open new offices, including a community meeting space, nearby.

A spokesperson for the town council declined to comment while the application process was still ongoing.

Supporting documents from the developer said they were drawn to Bridlington because of wider plans to redevelop its town centre.

Developers added the pub would likely serve around 25 customers at a time.

The developers said:

“We were mortified when we read the small number of objections that were received.

We feel that somehow a couple of people think we would be creating a place of debauchery and wild partying, when actually what we plan to create will be the complete opposite of that.

The objections appear to contain very little material considerations, the objectors from much further down the road already have a large pub approximately the same distance from the properties concerned as our planned venture.

We will have a far closer relationship than a normal pub has with its customers, meaning they will be far less likely to cause noise when leaving the premises.”




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Barra, on 30th March 2020 8:12pm
This would be welcome in Bridlington, what we need is more businesses not empty shops. This micro pub would be selling drinks more expensive than Wetherspoons, which is just across the road from the homeless hostel. I am sure that the people living in the homeless hostel, would choose Wetherspoons if they wanted a drink in a pub. They could also purchase their alcohol from mc calls, which is just at the end of Marshall Avenue, which would be the cheapest place of all to purchase alcohol in that area. Some people would think of any excuse to prevent any new business taking off in Bridlington, all I can say to the negative people of Bridlington is GET A LIFE.
Alan Oliver, on 31st March 2020 12:51pm
i live just along the street from this pub. it is a place to go, no drunks, no police involvement that i have seen, if you have a drink problem (i believe) you will go and find a drink, no matter what, i would expect the manager and all the staff would not serve a person that is/looks drunk,because it is against the law, also the DPS would be fined,
Good luck to the pub i say,
Mark Bates, on 12th April 2020 3:51pm
Thanks to Barra and Alan for the kind words. We are looking to open offering take outs and deliveries within Brid within the next few weeks. More info;

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