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'Stay Away From Coast' Warns Scarborough Council

'Stay Away From Coast' Warns Scarborough Council

Published by Jon Burke at 8:24am 27th March 2020. (Updated at 8:06am 28th March 2020)

"This is a national health emergency, not a holiday."

That's from Deputy Leader of Scarborough Borough Council, Liz Colling, who's asking visitors and residents to stay away from the Yorkshire coast this weekend.

It's after widespread problems last weekend, when people flocked to Scarborough's South Bay and other places.

Since then, North Yorkshire Police has started carrying out vehicle stops, asking drivers and their passengers if they have good reason to be travelling.

Humberside Police has also said it will enforce its new powers to uphold rules about social distancing, if it has to.

We're also being told not to travel to get to quiet beauty spots.

Cllr Colling said:

"You need to stay local. We know that we're allowed out for exercise, but please try and do that locally and stay home and save lives."

She's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Paddy in the Morning..




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Sheila Brown, on 27th March 2020 10:22am
M NmMy husband and I both over 70 have in the past gone in the car fro Newby to north bay and taken a picnic and just stayed in the car eating it, surely we are not breaking a law. I have recently had 2 strokes and am now in a wheel chair. This is my only real break from just looking at for walls. We are not in contact with anybody
yorkshireboy, on 27th March 2020 11:01am
I don't want to sound awful in any way.

But at the present time car journeys are in effect restricted to essential journeys only, and with all due respect your journey is not essential.

You are however allowed to go out for exercise, but obviously have to avoid close contact.

These are strict times with strict rules, but we all need to follow the rules.
zara, on 27th March 2020 11:12am
sorry Yorkshireboy you do sound awful. Even Boris said you could go out in a car as long as you did not get out.
Whitbyman, on 27th March 2020 1:28pm
I do wonder when people will get the message about this virus , selfish people who go out put themselves and others at risk can’t you not stop inside for a few weeks ? If you have an accident or health emergency who do you think is coming out to help you ? NHS staff that’s who , they are needed to save lives from Coronavirus, not help selfish people who cannot be bothered or think the rules don’t apply to them , yesterday the death toll jumped by over 100 , how many resulted in selfish people contamination?
Linda Mellors, on 28th March 2020 9:20am
Hear! Hear! Whitbyman, I agree with you, I cannot believe these selfish people who just don't care about anyone else, let alone themselves. To the people who just sit in their car, what is the point even before all this started, just stay at home and eat your picnic there.

I bet these selfish lot never even clapped for the NHS either on Tuesday night.

We have got to stop this horrible virus and we will never do so unless we all do as we are told - innocent people are losing their lives for nothing. As in the words of the nurse on the TV the other week JUST STOP IT!!!!
The Orical, on 28th March 2020 3:59am
The phrase'give a mouse a cookie and he'll
Want a glass of milk!' Springs to mind. Across
The world this virus is killing and hospitalizing
Thousands, future medical impact undiscussed
And unknown. Instead of being dreconian the
Government has tried to channel people in the
Right direction. But, as seen daily a minority
Will ignore, as they feel invincible and it doesn't
Say in law. Is it about time we follow others in
Lockdown banning all travel without a permit
As in Spain, ignore they'll arrest you, impound
Your car and fine you heavily. Do we restrict all
Petrol sales to essential users for six months.
Or do we introduce a curfew as many have. Any
Person who acts likes this could start this action,
As at some point action will be taken, even the USA
Locked down one area with the army enforcement to
Boot to combat a mass killer. Stay at home and hang
Up your keys until August........
Linda Mellors, on 28th March 2020 1:16pm
Footnote - sorry I meant Thursday night we clapped for the NHS workers. It's been a long week!!!
Dana, on 28th March 2020 3:30pm
I cannot believe how petty people have become. Seriously, how can a person sitting in their car and not getting out endanger anyone? I'm embarrassed Sheila and feel so sorry for you. My 92 year old aunt loves to go and sit in the car and look at the sea. But no, this is not allowed. She must sit in her little house with no view and die of boredom.
The Orical, on 29th March 2020 4:51am
Oh to not see the sea for a few months, to
Watch the trees and countryside go by in
The window. Sit and soak in the view. STOP are
We on holiday or in the middle of a pademic
Which has killed £1000+ in UK to date.

Millions of pensioners never see the sea or have
A holiday. It's not like your in a worn torn city
Fleeing for your life, or homeless due to earthquake
Or flooding. But your being asked to think of the NHS,
The frontline working to keep service going. Your
Friends and community and family who follow the
Rules to slow the spread. So turn off the leaking
Tap, have some societal commitment and Stay at
Home! Please!!!!! To save lives maybe yours if you
Help it's spread.

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