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East Riding Council Leader Urges People To Stay Home

East Riding Council Leader Urges People To Stay Home

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 26th March 2020.

The Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council is urging residents to stay at home.

Richard Burton is asking locals to respect the social distancing measures that have been put in place by the Government.

Speaking yesterday, he said:

"Clearly the weekend, we had an awful lot of visitors going to the beach, coming to Bridlington, coming to the coast.

Social distancing is the key; people need to be more than two metres away from each other and now, obviously, it's become more stringent with people being told to stay at home.

With large groups of people on the coast, people need to think twice and stay at home and stay safe.

Even today, I understand that there's been large numbers of people.

People really need to think about what they're doing, they need to be going out only for essential journeys and really making a point of being at home.

Otherwise, it's just staying away and being distant from one another."

For the latest information on what East Riding of Yorkshire Council are doing with its service, visit:


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