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Yorkshire Coast Bus Company Offers Community Support

Yorkshire Coast Bus Company Offers Community Support

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 24th March 2020.

A bus company is offering help to other businesses along the Yorkshire Coast.

East Yorkshire says it has implemented emergency reductions to its timetables.

It is due to the Coronavirus outbreak, and fewer people using public transport.

Ben Gilligan, Area Director, said:

"We have a lot of bus drivers who work for us and as a result of this, there clearly isn't enough work for them.

We're offering it out to other businesses to see if there's any support or assistance we can give their business; if they needed people moving, or needed drivers to deliver things.

Clearly, we want to keep our people busy and when we get through all of this, we want to make sure that they can still work for us.

We have a number of people who work for us who have HGV licences, who would if needed, could drive lorries; whether it be bin men for the council, or delivering food supplies, but also some supermarkets have increased their home deliveries, and some of our drivers would be available to drive their vans for them.

So really, we're opening ourselves out to the community to see if they need additional labour at short notice."

Ben has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Richard Griffin:

Anyone who needs help can email Ben at


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JohnfromScarborough, on 24th March 2020 10:19am
This is very supportive. I would imagine that it could also be the case that the company has engineers who could help sort out any mechanical problems with the supermarket delivery vehicles to ensure they are not off the road for too long.

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