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Scarborough and Whitby MP Calls on BID to Stop Taking Money

Scarborough and Whitby MP Calls on BID to Stop Taking Money

Published by Matthew Pells with contributions by Local Democracy Reporter Carl Gavaghan at 2:49pm 23rd March 2020. (Updated at 7:45am 24th March 2020)

The government could be set to step in to stop businesses from having to pay the Yorkshire Coast Business Improvement District (BID) levy.

Scarborough and Whitby MP Robert Goodwill has told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that an amendment is being put forward on the Covid Bill to suspend bid levies during the crisis.

Mr Goodwill said the decision of the Yorkshire Coast BID company not to suspend the payments for more than 1,300 businesses from Staithes to Spurn Point on the Yorkshire coast was “outrageous” and MPs were now moving to address the issue.

The amendment is now being drafted with Simon Clarke Minister of State at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government leading the process.

Mr Goodwill said:

“I believe the BID company should immediately stop taking payments, return as much money as they can, or ask the council to do so on their behalf, and all the high-paid staff can go on furlough and claim the money the government has offered up.

They need to support out hard-pressed businesses by not taking money off them when they can least afford it.

I cannot see how something set up to promote the area can function when that is the exact opposite of the message we are trying to get out there right now?

In 12 months’ time when all of this is over then yes, it can be argued that there may be a case for the BID to promote the area once more. But not now.

It is outrageous if I’m being honest that they still intend to take money.”

Robert's been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Matthew Pells..

The BID company said in response to a plea to Scarborough Council that it could not suspend payments due to its “stature” and would instead lobby the Government to offer levy relief to businesses.

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RustyShears, on 23rd March 2020 3:37pm
I think it is appalling that a company funded by local leisure focussed companies is taking this attitude. The articles of association of the BID company we created to "set a clear framework for how the Board of Directors governs the BID Company. They were wrote following legal and BID consultation to ensure that the Board govern the BID in the best interest of the levy payers." (The questionable English is theirs and not mine).

How the BID directors can morally continue to collect monies from businesses on the brink of collapse whilst purporting to be acting in their best interests is beyond all reason.
MW20, on 23rd March 2020 3:41pm
So the Yorkshire Coast BID sees themselves above the issue that everyone else is in. Well pointed out Mr Goodwill.

As siad on my other post, can I suggest that Ms Karuthers and the other Directors hang their heads in shame and immediately call for the BID to be wound up. But they will not as their Gravy Train is too lucrative for them to sit around, do nothing and get paid. They are showing themselves as worse than a Shylock.

Don’t forget that people on the East Coast have long memories and will make life so difficult for people who do not help out and hide behind rules.

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