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Yorkshire Coast D-BID Refuses to Suspend Levies

Yorkshire Coast D-BID Refuses to Suspend Levies

Published by Jon Burke at 8:52am 23rd March 2020.

The company behind the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme says it won't defer levies from businesses.

It's after Scaborough Borough Council asked it last week to join in supporting local firms, as the coronavirus outbreak takes effect.

As we told you, the authority wrote a letter, requesting the suspension of payments.

A statement from the company said:

"The Yorkshire Coast BID is aware that as a result of the government support of rates relief due to COVID-19, many business owners have questions relating to levy payments. 

Whilst it appreciates that this is a period of uncertainty for many, the BID as part of its stature is unable to defer or discount levy payments at this time. It is, however, continuing to work closely with BID industry bodies to request further support from central government in the coming weeks. 

Since the ballot in 2019, the BID has worked in partnership with its members, to promote and protect the Yorkshire Coast for the benefit of all business members and visitors. Now, more than ever, the BID’s role is vital to ensure this work continues."

Chairman of the Yorkshire Coast BID, Clive Rowe-Evans, said:

“We know this is a difficult time for our members and so we are actively working with National BID Institutes, to encourage central government to introduce levy payment relief as it did for business rates earlier this week. This is an unprecedented situation and I want to reassure business owners that levy collections are not the BID’s priority at this time. Working together and rolling out much-needed support for businesses remains our utmost priority. 

We have launched a partnership with ShopAppy to support our independent members in offering local consumers a food and provisions delivery service, in order to mitigate the effect of social distancing and self-isolation.

It is vital that the BID and our valued members work together with the wider community as one to ensure businesses along the Yorkshire Coast are supported during this time.”




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zara, on 23rd March 2020 10:50am
What a load of b.s. Why should the government hand over money to a private organisation that does not contribute anything to the current crisis no matter how they spin it.
MW20, on 23rd March 2020 3:39pm
So the Yorkshire Coast BID sees themselves above the issue that everyone else is in.

Can I suggest that Ms Karuthers, Mr Rowe-Evans and the other Directors hang their heads in shame and immediately call for the BID to be wound up as they cannot act outside the law. But they will not as their Gravy Train is too lucrative for them to sit around, do nothing and get paid. They are showing themselves as worse than a Shylock.

Don’t forget that people on the East Coast have long memories and will make life so difficult for people who do not help out and hide behind rules.

MW20, on 23rd March 2020 5:44pm
Yorkshire Coast Radio, please can you ask Mr Rowe-Evans how many members there are of the BID?

Levy payers are not members. It clearly states this on their web site.https://www.yorkshirecoastbid.co.uk/join-us/

Thank you
ron, on 24th March 2020 8:19am
what kind of people ar there's

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