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Coronavirus Warnings Ignored on Yorkshire Coast

Coronavirus Warnings Ignored on Yorkshire Coast

Published by Matthew Pells at 10:11pm 21st March 2020.

On the day that the Governments more stringent measures came into force to reduce "unnecessary" social gatherings seaside towns on the Yorkshire Coast were described as being "as busy as a bank holiday".

Local residents took to social media expressing surprise, concern and shock at the numbers of people who had descended on Scarborough, Whitby, Filey and Bridlington on Saturday.

Traffic was reported to be heavy. People were taking to the beaches and congregating in outside areas at cafes and restaurants.

On Friday the Prime Minster ordered Cafes, pubs, bars, restaurants and gyms to close for the foreseeable future, the prime minister said nightclubs, leisure centres and theatres must also close their doors in an effort to reduce "unnecessary" social gatherings by 75%. The closures will be reviewed on a monthly basis.

He said :

"Some people may of course be tempted to go out... But please don't,"

"You may think you are invincible, but there is no guarantee you will get mild symptoms, and you can still be a carrier of the disease and pass it on to others."

Former Mayor of the Borough of Scarborough Joe Plant took to social media on Saturday dismayed at the numbers of people out and about in Whitby.

He posted..

"I have had many messages from local residents to get this sorted as Whitby is like a Bank holiday. People need to wake up and face the reality. This is serious very very serious. You are not only putting yourselves and family at risk you are putting others at risk. Follow the Government guidance it is not fake, so No excuse. Please Please stay home. You will then protect the NHS and save lives. Get a grip on reality. Locals are doing the best they can and others that are coming in to the towns treating it like a holiday are causing a major concern to all locals. For goodness sake stay home and save lives."

Filey resident Vicky contacted Yorkshire Coast Radio saying..

"it's as busy as a bank holiday in Filey. Unbelievable. People just don't grasp the severity of the situation that we are in. "

Michelle from Filey added..

"Filey is just at despair with holiday makers nobody talking any notice of social distancing."

Whitby resident Mel said..

"I live in Whitby and ventured out to find dog food, doubled it up with walking the dogs and town is so busy. Fish and chip shops doing take away and people everywhere. Try to explain to my kids they have to stay in to social distance yet there's people everywhere."

Tammy from Bridlington commented..

"Bridlington was heaving with people. Only popped into town to get some new dolls for my daughter to play with and it’s crazy down there"

Humberside Police said they had received a number of reports from the public about some venues remaining open despite the nationwide ban

More than 5,000 people in the UK have now been infected with coronavirus.

There was a rise of 1,035 confirmed cases Coronavirus announced on Saturday bringing the UK total to 5,018, and the number of COVID-19-related deaths has risen to 233 after 53 more fatalities were announced in England.

London continues to represent more than a third of all UK deaths - an increase of 19 on Saturday, eight of which were at one hospital trust, London North West Healthcare NHS Trust.

The capital now has 90 deaths, followed by

  • 42 in the South East,
  • 32 in the West Midlands,
  • 19 in the North West,
  • 12 in the South West,
  • 9 in the East Midlands,
  • 8 in Yorkshire and the Humber
  • and 4 in the North East.


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