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Solicitor Writes to Scarborough Council on D-BID

Solicitor Writes to Scarborough Council on D-BID

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 18th March 2020.

A lawyer has written to Scarborough borough council about the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme.

He's been appointed by the Yorkshire Coast Levy Payers' Association, after the publication of a report into the council's role as administrator of the ballot.

The report was critical of some of the decisions made and of the communication surrounding the whole process.

Spokesperson for the Association, Hero Sumner, said:

"Our solicitor is actually saying to Scarborough Council 'you have done something unlawful, by holding the ballot without the correct process in place - now you need to look at it again.'

He is a specialist expert in the BID process and this is his opinion. He deems they have acted unlawfully."

Hero has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke..

You can read the letter here:

Letter to SBC (pdf)

A meeting of the Council's Audit Committee was scheduled to discuss the report tomorrow, but that has been postponed due to Covid-19.


There are 8 comments on this page.

zara, on 18th March 2020 6:38am
not sure why the council have stopped their meetings, everyone else employed by them are expected to go to work! Of course they are very special folk and should be protected at all costs - not!
Diddy dave, on 18th March 2020 7:06am
its sbc what do you expect make their own rules to suit themselves or they are bothered about is robbing people from parking upwards
Whitbyman, on 18th March 2020 8:04am
Hatred on a whole new level here , expecting a gathering of people in close contact , given most are older too and at more risk , disgusting comments and Yorkshire coast should be ashamed for even publishing them .
zara, on 18th March 2020 12:48pm
not hatred at all, contempt maybe. My point stands that the real workers are expected to be in, office workers with the council are a gathering of people in close contact are they not? Not many of them are over 70 either, its actually quite a young bunch for a council! Will they be staying at home and not be in close contact with other people? No, of course they will not! So are people not allowed an opinion now unless it is one YOU approve of?.
Karl Doab, on 18th March 2020 4:28pm
We are in a national crisis. The last place Councillors should be is in Scarborough at a meeting. Most are older or working for a living. Some are on the frontline too.

At a time when everyone us pulling together it would be lovely if we didn't have to read these aily negative comments over things that don't really matter.
Whitbyman, on 19th March 2020 7:07am
Yes your allowed an opinion but comments like yours are spiteful, how do you know other staff are expected to be in ? Answer is you don’t , your just venting your usual spite against councillors as usual which is no surprise.
zara, on 19th March 2020 10:07am
answer is i do, i have a relative that works for Scarborough Council. So once again you are commenting without knowing the facts. Yes i am scathing about some of our local Councillors (spiteful and hatred are really stupid words for you to use) as are many residents of this borough, with good reason.
Whitbyman, on 19th March 2020 10:29am
Spiteful and hateful is how you come across whether you like it or not , you rarely have anything constructive to say , if your so bothered by the council why don’t you stand and change it ?

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