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Coronavirus Isolation Support Group Set Up In Scarborough

Coronavirus Isolation Support Group Set Up In Scarborough

Published by Karen Liu at 12:33pm 16th March 2020.

A community support group has been set up in Scarborough for residents affected by Coronavirus.

It is aimed at those who are self-isolating, and people who are feeling lonely and wants someone to talk to.

It has been started by two Scarborough residents, Lilly Potter and Caroline Dean.

Lilly said:

"So we wanted to provide a service where say, if somebody just needs a pint of milk fetching, or they need their medication picking up from the pharmacy, or they've run out of nappies, then they can put a post on the group asking for help; and then somebody can respond saying 'yeah, that's fine I can go and get that for you' and then drop it off on their doorstep.

We've had some amazing offers though, things that we've not really even thought of.

People have been offering to walk pets, someone's setting up a crochet circle and doing an online video teaching people how to do it.

One of the biggest things is people are offering to just be online and talk to people, or play online games together.

So it's providing a bit of a comfort blanket."

Lilly and Caroline have been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

Anyone who wants to help, or needs help, can join the Facebook group here: Coronovirus Isolation Support in Scarborough UK (and surrounding areas).

There are also other groups set up:

Scarborough Covid-19 mutual aid

How Can I Help, Scarborough UK

Stronger Together WHITBY DISTRICT during COVID-19


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