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Yorkshire Coast Elderly Residents On Covid-19 Self Isolation

Yorkshire Coast Elderly Residents On Covid-19 Self Isolation

Published by the Yorkshire Coast Radio News Team at 9:35am 16th March 2020. (Updated at 9:36am 16th March 2020)

Elderly residents on the Yorkshire Coast have been giving Paddy In The Morning their views on possible self-isolation for the over 70's.

The health secretary Matt Hancock told Sky News on Sunday that over-70s will be asked to self-isolate "in the coming weeks" to try to protect them from coronavirus - and it could potentially last for months.

Cindy from Filey and her husband are in their 80's and have no family nearby. Their neighbours are all a similar age. She's worried over day-to-day shopping:

"My sister in law lives in Leeds and rang the supermarket to organise a delivery of groceries and they say they can't deliver to anybody else because they are full up. The drivers are run off their feet and they can't do any more".

Marian from Scarborough is 80 and lives on her own:

"I'm quite fit and get out most days. I trot about town and that just gives me that bit of a break. I'd die from being indoors rather than catching the virus".

Susan from Gristhorpe said she's already fearful of self-isolation:

"To put it bluntly I'm scared stiff. I spend most of my time outdoors. My neighours are older than me. Friends are same age as me. And if I did get anybody obscure to do my shopping I'd have to go to a cash machine to get cash out for them. It's impossible. It's just not practical".

Phillip from Whitby told Paddy he would be careful but would still want to go out:

"Looking at the state of my health I'm 75 and I had my 'well man clinic' three months ago. All my bloods are perfect. No deterioration in my body. I'm fit. We're not going to take any risks but I would still go out"


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