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Yorkshire Coast BID Report - The Conclusions

Yorkshire Coast BID Report - The Conclusions

Published by Matthew Pells at 7:14pm 11th March 2020.

Here are the conclusions of the independent report commissioned by Scarborough Borough Council into it's handling of the Yorkshire Coast DBID ballot.

A meeting of full council in November 2019 voted to commission a report into it's conduct in the ballot.

The report has been compiled by Peter Stanyon who is the Chief Executive of the Association of Electoral Administrators.

The questions he was asked to answer were :

  • Did SBC carry out the ballot process in accordance with the DBID regulations?
  • Is there any evidence to demonstrate that there was a material irregularity in the carrying out of the DBID ballot, and, if so, what was this irregularity?
  • Is there any evidence to demonstrate that the secrecy of the ballot was compromised?

The conclusion of the report is that while the Borough Council does not appear to have broken any of the regulations there are a number of areas in which the process could have been improved.

Mr Stanyon has reached a number of conclusions including views on

  • The Capability of the Councils Electoral Services Team
  • Issues around the list of Eligible Voters
  • Issues around the delivery of ballot papers
  • The Secrecy of the Ballot
  • Communication problems with local companies
  • The ongoing management of the DBID

You can read his conclusions and reconsiderations in the document below.

DBID Investigation Conclusions (pdf)



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zara, on 12th March 2020 8:59am
issues about everything in other words. How can a ballot be fair if you do not use accurate voter information but then SBC did not want it to be fair. Guilty as charged, REGARDLESS of whitewash report.

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