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Yorkshire Coast Residents Urged To Stop Smoking

Yorkshire Coast Residents Urged To Stop Smoking

Published by Karen Liu at 6:31am 11th March 2020.

Yorkshire Coast residents are being urged to stop smoking, as part of a national campaign. 

The East Riding's 'Stop Smoking Service' is issuing advice to help residents quit.

Kayleigh Barrington, who is the Project Officer, said:

"We know although over the last 10-12 years, there's been a big reduction in smoking prevalence here in the local area.

We need to get that further down and the big thing that we're trying to push at the minute is a smoke free generation.

We want to get the East Riding, Bridlington and those sort of areas, below 5 percent prevalence in smoking.

So days like this are really popular to enable us to get that message out there."

She has this advice:

"Don't try and go it alone, you know, try and do it with someone else who wants to stop smoking, it's a really good thing to do together.

Also, don't be afraid to access your local stop smoking service, as it's someone you can meet and talk to.

You can discuss why you're struggling, or why you've tried to stop in the past and it hasn't worked.

You can also access free nicotine replacement therapy, which actually makes the withdrawal symptoms and the cravings much, much less."

Today is 'No Smoking Day' and it is also being supported by East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The authority is keen to help residents lead happy and healthy lives and is supportive of the plans to create a smoke-free generation, where smoking becomes a thing of the past.

The public health team works closely with the Health Trainers - a service which provides support and advice on stopping smoking.

The Council says Public Health England and the NHS have some great information on how to quit and what happens after you quit. 

  • So for example, even after 20 minutes, your pulse rate will already be starting to return to normal
  • After eight hours, oxygen levels return to normal and carbon monoxide levels in your blood will have reduced by half
  • After 48 hours your sense of taste and smell will have improved because your lungs will have started to clear out mucus
  • After 72 hours you will notice that breathing will feel easier and your energy will be increasing

There are so many other benefits to stopping smoking, such as reduced anxiety, low mood and stress, and quitting can also help improve your sleep.

The best tip for stopping smoking successfully is to get the right support. If you've got the right support, you're up to four times as likely to quit for good.

For more support with stopping smoking visit the council's health and wellbeing website happyandwell.meor text QUIT to 60163 to get in touch with the health trainers.




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