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Alternative Ways Of Support For Bridlington Veterans

Alternative Ways Of Support For Bridlington Veterans

Published by Karen Liu at 12:46pm 10th March 2020.

Bridlington veterans are being made aware of the different ways they can meet and socialise with others. 

It is after the loss of the town's Alderson House at the end of last month.

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Martin Barmby, who is a Royal Navy Veteran and volunteer of the 2nd Battalion of the Yorkshire Regiment in Bridlington, said:

"There's a veterans coffee morning on a Thursday, the first Saturday of the month is the veterans breakfast club down at Richie's on the Foreshore.

There are various veteran associations that meet throughout the week on a night, and some even meet on a weekend.

We've got Bridlington Armed Forces Day and obviously Remembrance time is a big one.

Many of these carry no membership fees or formal meetings, it's just a chance to meet with like-minded people.

Submariners Buddies in Boats is a prime example of a group of veterans getting together and raising money for those less fortunate, be they local or national charities."

Martin added:

"A lot of us won't admit that we need help sometimes, and sometimes it's just about chatting to somebody because it's all about the fact that you're in a known environment.

When you leave the military, it's just a big void. Civvy street is completely different. But once you're sat down with veterans, it doesn't matter when they served or how long they've served, you're all the same. You're all veterans, you've been there, seen it, done it and got the t-shirt."

Martin said: 

"It took me 8 years after leaving to finally admit that I struggled on leaving the Royal Navy, however, it never stopped me engaging with veterans of all forces, regardless of time served or where, unknowingly helping myself by being back in the forces family. 

Instead of reading about how hundreds turned out for a veterans funeral, died alone etc, give them the chance to engage with veterans and benefit from the forces family again. 

Not all do wish for that and so be it, it's their right, but let those know that want to, there is plenty out here to engage with all veterans, national service, full career or reserve, there is a group and some like-minded veterans in our town for you."

Help is also available via SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity. You can find out more here:


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