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Scarborough Trains Improving Says Operator

Scarborough Trains Improving Says Operator

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 9th March 2020.

A train operator which serves Scarborough says its services are improving.

Nearly two-thirds of TransPennine Express trains arrived at their destination late last month.

15.3 per cent on the North route were either significantly late, or cancelled.

But the company says that's an improvement, after long-standing issues with its reliability.

That prompted warnings from MP that it might be stripped of its franchise, like Northern has been.

Fleet Director, Paul Staples, said:

"We took some actions earlier this year, to gently take a few services out, while we got through a bulk of driver training and conductor training programmes for some of our new longer trains.

That's been successful and it has seen performance lift and we're now getting an increasing number of drivers trained and conductors trained, so that we can run more of the longer trains and we're improving performance day by day. I think people will have noticed the difference."

Paul's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu..


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Sarah Forsyth, on 10th March 2020 7:14pm
This isn’t true. My train from Leeds to Scarborough tonight has been cancelled, as have the next two trains. There’s a lack of staff in Leeds and York to help. I finally managed to get a train to York, then found that the information points were all closed. I finally found someone who pointed me to the bus stop. He said the reason that the trains are cancelled is because of no train drivers. He said it’s been like this since the timetable changes. I’m currently on a bus, likely to arrive home 2 hrs late!

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