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Scarborough Councillor Flooded With Train Noise Complaints

Scarborough Councillor Flooded With Train Noise Complaints

Published by Karen Liu at 9:54am 6th March 2020.

A Scarborough Councillor says many residents have been getting in contact with him complaining about the noise coming from the train depot in the town.

TransPennine Express representatives attended the Overview and Scrutiny Board meeting earlier this week, in which Rich Maw, who represents Weaponness and Ramshill, was also there.

He wanted to emphasize the 'misery' that residents are facing late at night when trains are idling or running at the facility on Seamer Road.

Cllr Maw made suggestions to the company to try and quieten the trains and said:

"There's a potential use for compressors to be used, whilst powering up these engines. 

This would mean that the diesel engines, that are idling, could be switched off; and electric compressors will do the same job, so I believe.

Other solutions, there could be the implementation of electric shunters, which could shunt the engines on an evening and early in the morning."

The TPE representatives were asked if a public meeting could be held, as many residents were voicing their complaints about the issue.

The company confirmed, and when pressed further about when, they said by the end of this month (March).

Cllr Maw added:

"I think if we can get the public en masse to go to that meeting, and really show the strength of their misery, then we'll be able to get somewhere fast.

I firmly believe that the representatives from TransPennine Express are trying to work with the Borough Councillors to try and come up with a solution.

Hence why they're willing to attend and hold this public meeting."

Cllr Maw spoke to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu, after the Overview and Scrutiny Board meeting on Wednesday (4th March):

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There are 3 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 6th March 2020 12:06pm
Suddenly a Councillor is on the case and the complaints are now flooding in according to him.
Yorkshire80, on 6th March 2020 12:22pm
There were plenty of complaints before. Are you even affected by the train noise or do you just enjoy moaning
Whitbyman, on 6th March 2020 4:30pm
Flooding in ? A poor choice of words given the recent UK wide events , I hope the complainants can be bothered to turn up , I wonder if people who live close by not affected by the noise and who want decent trains which run on time and you can actually get a seat on will be allowed to attend ? Will MP Kevin from Filey be in attendance as he can tell TPE managers to their faces how bad they are ? Doubtful I think , can’t see Goodwill turning up as he’d be doing something he rarely does , representing his constituents

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