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Scarborough Council Answers D-BID Questions

Scarborough Council Answers D-BID Questions

Published by Jon Burke at 6:31am 6th March 2020.

Scarborough borough council has been answering questions about the investigation into its role in the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme.

An independent report into the authority's management of the ballot process for the project has been completed.

It was commissioned by the council, after several complaints from affected businesses that it was unfair and they didn't even know about it.

That report is to be discussed at a council Audit Committee meeting on March the 19th.

After speaking to business owners, Yorkshire Coast Radio has put questions to the council.

Question: Why aren’t the businesses allowed to see even the conclusion to the report – not even the whole thing – when they want to defend themselves in court?

Answer: It is important that the whole report is released in full so that all the information is available at the same time. The duty of East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Scarborough Borough Council to ensure the BID levy collection process is followed, remains independent of the investigation report process.

Question:  Why do they have to wait till March 19th?

Answer: That’s the date that has been set for the Audit Committee to review the report.

Question:  If the report is delivered in person at the Audit Committee meeting – will it be available in full to read? And will it be published 5 days prior to the meeting as is the usual case?

Answer: To be fair to all concerned the report will be made public and published in accordance with council publication requirements (at least one week prior to the meeting).



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zara, on 6th March 2020 11:09am
translated as we have not decided how to fix the report so it makes us look good!!
Fileyman, on 6th March 2020 12:09pm
How can SBC issue a non payment summons for something that may not be legal to start with.

Oh, hang on a minute this is SBC we are talking about.

Have a read at the article on the NYENQUIRER website about the BID report.

It makes very interesting reading.

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