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Reassurance on Scarborough Train Depot Noise

Reassurance on Scarborough Train Depot Noise

Published by Jon Burke at 5:21pm 4th March 2020. (Updated at 6:17pm 4th March 2020)

TransPennine Express says it's doing its best to reduce the noise coming from its train depot in Scarborough.

Residents near the facility on Seamer Road have been complaining of the excessive noise, some of whom say it's keeping them awake at night.

Representatives from the company have appeared before a council committee.

Fleet Director, Paul Staples, said:

"We very much understand the concerns of the people who've talked to us and the local residents, who've made the complaints. We understand why that's a nuiance for them.

So, the first thing we've done is apply some very strict rules to the people who run the depot for us, to say that you must keep running to a minimum (of noise). What we're doing now, is to start to look at options to make further reductions in noise."

Paul says the company's making sure the trains and depot designs are within requirements and get their suppliers to fix the issues, if there are any.

He also made a promise to authority members and the residents watching from the gallery that a public meeting will be held by the end of this month. The details on location, date, and time is yet to be confirmed.

He's been talking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu..


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Gary Douthwaite, on 5th March 2020 10:18am
The railway Stn has trains idling at high & low revs for
3 hrs a night every night!! I asked what sound proofing has been
Installed at the railway station DID not get an answer
From what I can see NONE disgraceful!?
Whitbyman, on 5th March 2020 11:26am
It’s not about the railway station , it’s about the depot and where you get your info from is anyone’s guess , 3 hours a night idling in the station ? Reality check , trains in at 51 past the hour , same train out again at 34 past the hour , that’s 43 minutes not 3 hours and please name any other station that’s soundproof?
JohnfromScarborough, on 5th March 2020 3:30pm
Looking at the picture purely as an amateur. I would have thought that to be more effective that sound proofing screen should be a metre higher than the train not a metre or so lower than it..

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