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Bridlington Sunflower Scheme Grows

Bridlington Sunflower Scheme Grows

Published by Jon Burke at 1:46pm 3rd March 2020.

A project to bring a ray of sunshine to Bridlington is seriously out of hand - but in a nice way.

David Stone started sharing his sunflower seeds with some of his neighbours last year.

Then streets started competing with each other to see who could grow the most seeds, and now there are 518 sunflower locations across the town.

Cardigan Road is in the lead at the moment, boasting 8 sunflowers.

David started the project to share seeds with his neighbours.

Speaking in December, he said:

"Every year I grow sunflowers in the front garden, but I always thought it's be really nice to share the seeds that you get every year with people down the street and then I thought 'well, why stop at the street? I could just actually set up a facebook group and offer the seeds to anyone around Bridlington.'

I have really been quite surprised by how it's taken off. I've started something that feels a little bit uncontrollable, but that's good."

Have you requested your free sunflower seeds yet? If not, just message your address to the page, here.

If you want to join in and you already have your own seeds, just message your address and you will be added to the map.


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