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Potential Changes To Firework Usage In Scarborough Borough

Potential Changes To Firework Usage In Scarborough Borough

Published by Karen Liu at 10:09am 3rd March 2020.

Scarborough Borough Council has adopted a motion about the use of fireworks.

It was brought by Guy Coulson, who put forward the RSPCA's proposal to the authority.

It is after residents went to him about the impact the noise of fireworks can have to communities.

Councillor Coulson, who represents Esk Valley ward, said:

"I don't want to put a dampener on people's bonfire nights and firework displays, I love fireworks as much as any one.

But if we can help reduce the impact it has on vulnerable people, wildlife, livestock and also on our climate, then it could only be a good thing." 

Here is the motion:

Scarborough Borough Council recognises the enjoyment and spectacle that fireworks bring to our events and festivals.

We also recognise that they pollute the atmosphere leaving metal particles and toxins in the air that deposit on our land and seas, this is in addition to the noise from fireworks that can cause distress and fear to both vulnerable people, pets, farm animals and wildlife.

This council proposes:-

  • To honour our commitment to our declaration on the Climate Change emergency and work towards carbon neutrality.
  • To investigate a licensing system for public fireworks display.
  • To investigate the use of 'green' less polluting fireworks for the displays that SBC is responsible for.
  • To purchase carbon offsets for the displays that SBC hold.
  • To require all public firework displays within the local authority boundaries to be advertised in advance of the event, allowing residents to take precautions for their animals and vulnerable people.
  • To actively promote a public awareness campaign about the impact of fireworks on animal welfare and vulnerable people – including the precautions that can be taken to mitigate risks.
  • To write to the UK Government urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks to 90dB for those sold to the public for private displays.
  • To encourage local suppliers of fireworks to stock ‘quieter’ greener and biodegradable fireworks for public display.


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zara, on 3rd March 2020 11:09am
and this is what the councillors get their allowances for? Just to pick holes in one of their big ideas - any public firework in the area will already be out there in the borough otherwise there would not be much use of it being a PUBLIC firework display if the public were not advised about it by posters or on the radio in the media etc.
Pretty obvious what they are after is a licencing system (that would probably cover anyone having a family display as well) so that they can charge the earth for a licence..
As for all the claptrap about climate change they could not care less it is just to try to make them look good to all the climate change activists, usually at the taxpayers expense...
Fileyman, on 3rd March 2020 11:21am
So SBC want to make life difficult for fireworks displays..

They spend our money to ban the cruise car meeting.

They flatten the Futurist.

They involve the police because one honest person told us about the Argos site fiasco.

The on the paperwork about the BID investigation.

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