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Authorities Defend Decision On Scarborough 'Car Cruise'

Authorities Defend Decision On Scarborough 'Car Cruise'

Published by Karen Liu at 7:12am 3rd March 2020.

The decision to block a number of roads on Scarborough's North Bay over the weekend due to an 'unapproved' car meet is being defended.

Yesterday, we told you that Scarborough Borough Council and North Yorkshire Police jointly shut Royal Albert Drive, Marine Drive and Albert Road in the North Bay to traffic in the interests of public safety. 

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Now, both authorities have been defending its decision to stop the event from going ahead.

Sandra Rees, Scarborough Borough Council Community Safety and Safeguarding Manager said:

“We stand by the decision to close the roads in the North Bay area of Scarborough in order to prevent the car cruise. Public safety is and always will be our number one priority.

The introduction of the public space protection order was subject to four weeks of public consultation between March and April 2018.

Views ranged from strong support for the proposals to strong opposition, but on balance, it was felt that the order was justified to address the wider concerns regarding safety and anti-social behaviour.

Whilst our decision to enforce the order might not be universally popular, we cannot ignore the serious problems witnessed at previous events and we will continue to take firm action, with our partners, to protect the public.

Those genuinely interested in holding safe and legal meets at a single location are welcome to make contact with us by emailing

Inspector Graeme Kynman, Neighbourhood Policing Inspector for Scarborough said: 

"There has been a significant reduction in car cruising in the area since the public space protection order was put in place.

There may be some occasions where issues still arise, but we will continue to robustly tackle those, and overall we have seen fewer problems as a result of the order.

We have no issue with genuine car enthusiasts who want to gather in appropriate places to enjoy their hobby and socialise, providing that they obtain the relevant permissions and comply with the law.

But, the dangerous and reckless driving often seen at unofficial car cruise events is a real risk to public safety – serious injuries have been experienced at similar events in other parts of the country and only recently, a 19 year-old woman was killed.

The risk to life is something we simply cannot ignore, however unpopular that decision may be. 

We have made numerous and repeated attempts over a twelve month period to engage with the car enthusiast community who want to hold events in our Borough, unfortunately they have declined the opportunity to work with us, however, the door remains open.

Those genuinely interested in holding safe and legal meets at a single location are welcome to make contact via the council at

We'll continue our work with Scarborough Borough Council and the wider Safety Advisory Group, residents, landowners and local businesses to address any issues.

And we will continue to take robust action against anyone who breaches the order and commits any offences."


There are 4 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 3rd March 2020 7:59am
Big brother action.

If they thought there would be cases of dangerous driving why not do what they would do with any other motorist.

Pull them over and give them a ticket..

Was it just a case of SBC not been able to make a few quid on this.

Just how much did SBC have to pay to close these roads and police the closure.

zara, on 3rd March 2020 9:35am
more to the point which hands were not greased! I do not believe that SBC do anything for the public good, this lot are just the same as the previous ones. They have no intention of discussing it. As for the police officials they should be ashamed of themselves, how much has all this cost me as a taxpayer? As for incidents apart from the idiot who tore up the drive (poor workmanship if one car could do all that damage in one instance!) what others have occurred here? All very well commenting on other areas but try concentrating on this one - or do you have no examples.. I would not even go to one of these cruises as they do not interest me but i know they are of huge interest to others.
Whitbyman, on 3rd March 2020 11:47am
Fairly simple for me this one , plenty of disused aerodromes up and down the country , why they need to come to Scarborough is beyond me , they have these types of car for one reason only , to fly around ignoring speed limits and putting other road users in danger , as witnessed by myself on A64 on Sunday evening , overtaking on a blind bend , still don’t know how a head on collision was avoided .
Kind of ironic the complaint about train noise , then wanting these loud revving cars in Scarborough.
Fileyman, on 3rd March 2020 3:29pm
The organisation applied to use Seamer Road Park & Ride site.

This was rejected by SBC who then say they had no communication from the organisers.

The amount spent on blocking roads could have been spent on straight forward policing.

Once again SBC have made a decision about what the rate payers want without any consultation whatsoever.

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