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More Complaints About Scarborough Train Noises

More Complaints About Scarborough Train Noises

Published by Karen Liu at 6:18am 3rd March 2020. (Updated at 6:25am 3rd March 2020)

There has been more complaints about train noises in Scarborough.

Back in January, we told you about an Oriel Close resident being unable to sleep due to the disruption from the Seamer Road depot.

She said the noise of trains running or idling on the TransPennine Express facility was 'shocking'.

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Now, Gary Douthwaite, who lives on Westwood Close, has come forward to also complain about the noise, not only from the depot but from Scarborough Railway Station:

"The noise is horrendous. I live about 150 yards away from the rail track at Scarborough Railway Station. 

I've never encountered any noise from there in the 15 years I've lived here.

However, on the 25th of February, I was woken up at 3am and it continued into 5am and it was like powerboats or helicopters just hovering. It was unbelievable."

Gary says his house has double glazing and he can still hear the noise.

He added:

"Since the windows have been closed, I can hear it and I'm now laying awake at night expecting it to happen. 

You know when you lay there thinking 'is it going to happen? Isn't it going to happen?'

I was working full time up until the end of January and I've gone part-time. 

I'm just too tired. I'm an old age pensioner and I'm too tired to be working full time when you're not getting a decent nights sleep."

Gary says he wants to start an action group and said:

"The first thing I've done is set up a Facebook page called 'Stop These Noisy Trains' and I encourage everybody to log on and create a diary of dates and times as to when their life has been disrupted by this noise.

I'll keep that up-to-date, anybody can join and with a view to setting up a poll to see if people are prepared to carry out direct action."

Gary has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:

A spokesperson for TransPennine Express commented:

“We are currently working with Scarborough Borough Council and their Environmental Health Service to fully investigate and understand the issues being raised.

After a full planning consultation, the depot was purpose built with environmental factors incorporated during the design phase, which led, for example, to the inclusion of 50% more noise mitigation barriers than required.

Without this depot, we would be unable to run our brand new Nova 3 trains from Scarborough and these trains have provided a much needed capacity boost on this line.”

TransPennine Express representatives are expected to attend Scarborough Borough Council's Overview and Scrutiny Board on Wednesday (4th March). 


There are 11 comments on this page.

Yorkshire80, on 3rd March 2020 6:53am
My parents live on Weaponness Valley Road, even inside the house with the windows closed you can hear the new trains go past. Definitely a lot noisier than the old trains
CanadianRailwayMan, on 3rd March 2020 8:30am
I totally agree with how noisy these new trains are compared to other new train, I don't even live here but have Seen them quite a lot around York, and was quite surprised about how much noise they were generating, the should have purchased Canadian made locomotives which are a lot quieter. It's almost as if someone was taking the Mikey when they purchased this rolling stock.
Whitbyman, on 3rd March 2020 9:41am
So in total two complaints made according to Yorkshire coast radio , hardly compelling evidence for shutting down a depot that provides year round jobs for a town that relies mainly on seasonal work , I for one welcome the new trains , more capacity and instead of paying a fortune to stand up you can now get a seat easily .
JohnfromScarborough, on 3rd March 2020 10:40am
The new Northern trains also seem to be noisy. It can be very difficult to hear the announcements at York station if one of them is nearby. And as we all know, it is essential to be able to hear the announcements in case there is a platform alteration, which there often is.
ruth elliott, on 3rd March 2020 9:58pm
I have complained to Transpennine Express since 15th January 2020. By their own admission the new trains are noisier by the very nature of them being bigger and more powerful. The noise is very disturbing especially at 5am, but oddly the noise is intermittent, a bit like the train service itself. With regard to 25th February; I was woken up at about 3am to major engineering works on a scale of unbelievable proportions. I can only assume that the weight of the new trains is such that they are having to bolster the track to avoid collapse. And that is progress?
Gary Douthwaite, on 8th March 2020 10:38am
I was awoken at 03:00 hrs till 06:00 hrs same night by a Nove 3 train parked in Scarborough railway station fast idling th or 3 hrs !!!took a photo & sent to councillors it’s disgraceful
andyh, on 4th March 2020 11:24am
It would seem that the noise reduction fencing on the north side should be repeated on the south side of the depot. This would give weaponess a quieter time plus reduce the light emissions. Also tighter rules on times when engines are off would help. Let's see what today's meeting brings
Dragon33, on 6th March 2020 7:17pm
From the comments made by Fileyman, I get the feeling that he works for the railway or has a vested interest. If you spoke to our neighbours as i have, they all say the same. Since the new trains came into use there is substantially more noise now. At present it is still too cold to have your Double Glazed windows open. Imagine the noise that you will have during the warmer weather.I have lived in Londesborough road since 1972 and never had the noise that we are experiencing now even from steam trains.
Gary Douthwaite, on 8th March 2020 10:09am
Agree I’ve got double glazing & still woken by them every night mom to Friday I am having to get laminated aquatic glass double glazing 45 min gap in specialist advice triple glazing won’t stop the noise
Gary Douthwaite, on 8th March 2020 10:19am
Under the environmental protection act section 82 individual s can
Take legal action to force Transpennine to change their working practices!!! & it’s free check it out on the web I’ve taken legal advice you only need three weeks evidence of noise & you can take Transpennine to the magistrates court ( public nuisance)
Wonder why Scarborough council & the environmental health dept
Are dragging their feet the first complaint was logged in September 6 moths ago

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