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Scarborough Council Leader Adjusts Cabinet

Scarborough Council Leader Adjusts Cabinet

Published by Jon Burke at 11:23am 2nd March 2020.

The Leader of Scarborough Borough Council has announced the new roles in his Cabinet.

We told you last month about Steve Siddons increasing the number of members, from three to six.

Below are the new roles, along with who'll be responsible for them.

Cabinet Member
Functional Areas
1. The Leader - Cllr Steve Siddons
 Leadership of the Council
 External Relations
 Inward Investment

2. Cabinet Member - Cllr Janet Jefferson
Corporate Resources
 Corporate Investment
 Corporate Finance
 Treasury and Risk Management
 Benefits
 Local Tax
 Asset Management
 Harbours
 Information Security
 Audit and Fraud
 Communications
 Human Resources
 Elections
 Civic
 Corporate Modernisation
 Regulation and Governance
 Legal
 Performance Management
 Local Land Charges
 Democratic Services

3. Cabinet Member - Cllr Liz Colling
Inclusive Growth
 Regeneration Projects
 Economic Development
 Employment and Skills
 Strategic Transport
 Strategic Land & Estates
 Tourism and Marketing
 Planning
 Town Centre Management
 Business Relations
 Commercial Strategy
 Procurement & Print

4. Cabinet Membr - Cllr Michelle Donoghue-Moncrieff
Environment and Sustainability
 Coastal Defence
 Protecting Natural Assets
 Water and Air Quality
 Carbon Reduction
 Plastics Reduction
 Environmental, Regulation and Resilience

5. Cabinet Member - Cllr Tony Randerson
 Customers
 Waste Collection and Recycling
 Street Scene
 Countryside Services
 Parks and Gardens
 Public Conveniences
 Markets
 Crematoriums and Cemeteries
 Car Parking

6. Cabinet Member - Phil Kershaw
Quality of Life
 Sports Development and Leisure
 Museums and Art Gallery
 Open Air Theatre
 Arts and Culture
 Events and Festivals

7. Cabinet Member - Cllr Carl Maw
Stronger Communities and Housing
 Housing
 Communities and Partnerships

There are also changes top the membership of outside bodies.

outside bodies


There are 2 comments on this page.

Fileyman, on 3rd March 2020 8:00am
I can think of a better cabinet adjustment.

Dismantle it and put it in the bin.
zara, on 3rd March 2020 9:39am
so once again i am forced to agree with Fileyman - this council has gone really bad since the cabinet system was introduced

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