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Reaction to Bridlington's Alderson House Closure

Reaction to Bridlington's Alderson House Closure

Published by Jon Burke at 8:01am 29th February 2020.

There's been more reaction to the closure of Bridlington's Alderson House.

The Royal British Legion shut its four Poppy Break Centres around the country yesterday, after a consultation last year.

It's re-modelling its services, saying demand has risen for other forms of support..

Chairman of the Legion's Bridlington branch, Martin Jolly, said:

"It's a great loss to the beneficiaries and the veterans of not just Bridlington, but all over the country. I actually worked there, so I like to think I can see it from both sides of the fence. It is affecting the branch and our membership.

People are voting with their feet. Some of members are saying they will not support the Royal British Legion anymore and they will rip up their membership cards, which is a great, great loss. this shouldn't be happening, this just should not be happening. We have fought for the Break Centres to be kept open and it's a great shame that this great institution is ignoring its membership."

He's been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu..



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Fileyman, on 29th February 2020 11:17am
I just fail to understand why people cannot understand the reason for all centres to close.

The RBL have fully explained the reasons, the centres cost a fortune to run and staff, and the care model required over the years has changed.

And to improve the care for all savings had to be made in other areas.

And those saying they will not contribute any more and will tear up there membership cards are only hitting the very organisation they allegedly support.

Talk about throwing your dummy out of the pram.

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