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Government Runs Yorkshire Coast Train Operator From Today

Government Runs Yorkshire Coast Train Operator From Today

Published by Karen Liu at 6:02am 1st March 2020.

A train operator on the Yorkshire Coast is back in public ownership.

From today, the Government has taken over Northern Rail who was stripped of its franchise last month.

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps said: 

"This is new era for rail in the North, but there will be no quick fix for the network as we build solutions for the future.

Today marks the beginning of rebuilding of trust in these services, and voices from the region will be essential as we work together to understand and deliver the improvements passengers need.

Our aim is to give the North of England more powers over their railways, restoring the confidence of passengers and delivering a network they can truly rely on."

Chairman of the government's operator, Richard George said: 

"The panel announced today will play a crucial strategic role as we look to transform services across Northern's network, putting the needs of passengers first.

By collaborating with local leaders, we're taking a step towards reconnecting the railways with the people of the North. 

We need to improve performance and also provide passengers and their elected representatives with the confidence that their concerns are being addressed."  

Speaking last month, Scarborough and Whitby MP, Robert Goodwill, said:

"Nothing's going to happen overnight; but we're going to put more investment in.

Grant's made it quite clear that he wants to make the trains cleaner, and that's something we can do quite quickly.

We need to hire more drivers, so we don't have cancellations; and we also need to make sure that the pacer trains, we finally do take those out of service and that we can then roll out all the new trains that are being delivered."

Also speaking in January, Kevin Hollinrake, Filey's MP, said:

"It should be a wake up call to all operators.

If you don't operate your franchise according to the terms of that franchise, and make sure your trains are running on time then the Government must step in and I think that's a great message to send.

The TransPennine route is also a very poor performing route. It's the second worst performing route in the country."

The Transport Secretary has tasked the operator with delivering a new vision for the North's railways, restoring confidence for passengers and delivering tangible improvements, but has made clear that the complexity of the challenge means transformation will not take place overnight.

The leadership of the government operator will be using the first 100 days running services to prepare an ambitious plan, consulting with passengers and leaders across the North to understand their priorities, and leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to improve the service for passengers.


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Whitbyman, on 1st March 2020 2:23pm
Same old re hash of old quotes , I wonder if the government will be re hashing the electrification of rail in the north , cancelled by the same government a few years ago ? Both Northern and TPE invested in Bi modal or electric trains only to have the rug pulled out from under by the Tory government. They are both now left with trains that could cut journey times but cannot be used to full capacity because the infrastructure is not there to do so.

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