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Alderson House In Bridlington Closes Today

Alderson House In Bridlington Closes Today

Published by Karen Liu at 6:31am 28th February 2020.

Alderson House in Bridlington is closing today.

Last month we told you the Royal British Legion decided to close all four of its break centres - after a consultation it started last year.

The organisation said its demand has grown for other forms of support so it needed to reshape its services.

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Cllr. Liam Dealtry, Bridlington Mayor and Army Veteran, said:

"I've gone from being gutted, to annoyed, and now I just don't know what to say.

I've got friends that have lost their jobs at Alderson House in Bridlington.

They're fantastic; they're the nicest group of people, dedicated, hardworking, and the facility itself, if it could've been given a star rating, it would've been five stars.

It is a shame. We're going to have a big, empty building on the seafront."

He says he understands the need to reshape the services, but the Royal British Legion could have been dealt with the consultation better.

He added:

"To close Alderson House down, the way they've done it, is shocking. It's underhanded.

Instead of coming to us, the members that pay every year religiously, and asked for our opinions and explained what they wanted to do, and put it to us to vote on then they might've got the vote the right way round. We might have agreed with it."

Cllr. Dealtry has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Karen Liu:


There are 3 comments on this page.

The Orical, on 28th February 2020 7:31am
Sad as it seems now the world's changing
and the age of people needing support is
Too. There are many groups and organisations
Supporting ex-forces now so to focus on the
Best use of resources is valid. Maybe a local or
Regional group could take on this building like the
Services piping up around the UK. Or is it a luxury
For a few and not the many that now need the
legions support. What about a community resource
For the council with funding from areas that send
People on holidays, everyone have their own budgets.

A project for the councillor putting this case and his friends
Who can volunteer to staff the facility unpaid
For the good of the forces community, just an idea a do it
Project. But, don't divert funds from the national need
In the process for the few as in 2020 it's the many!
Fileyman, on 28th February 2020 7:55am
This used to be called Springfield and was owned by the Leeds Hospital Fund.

Homes like this cost a tremendous amount of money and that money has to be spent in the best possible way for the good of everyone.

The Orical, on 28th February 2020 8:02am
Another thought why not be bold and
Tackle ex-forces rough sleepers and
Mental health needs. A rehabilitation
Centre on the coast a reward for their
Services, a place to bring their lives
Back on track and rebuild broken
Families. Yes, a new generation with
Different needs, a building vacant, but
Would the community and current
Supporters back such a forward looking
Scheme. Look forward to others thoughts.

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