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Whitby Business Owner Wants To See Results Of BID Report

Whitby Business Owner Wants To See Results Of BID Report

Published by Karen Liu at 6:01am 28th February 2020.

A business owner in Whitby is asking why the results of an investigation into the ballot for the Yorkshire Coast D-BID scheme cannot be published right now.

The independent report into Scarborough Borough Council, who managed the vote for the entire area, has been received by the authority.

But its findings will not be revealed till an Audit Committee meeting on March the 19th.

Graham Collinson, who started an online petition on the council's website, said:

"I don't think there's any reason why it should be withheld.

Business have got the stress and the worry of what's going to happen to them, are they going to be taken to court? Plus they want to know the facts.

All through this process, businesses have been kept in the dark about a lot of information.

At this moment in time, nobody's confirmed to me that that report's going to be published five days beforehand.

Also, why isn't it out now? We've just had 40 businesses go to court to defend themselves. They should have had that report."

Graham has been speaking to Yorkshire Coast Radio's Jon Burke:

We've asked the council for a statement.


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Fileyman, on 28th February 2020 7:57am
We are talking about SBC here.

Expect waffle and delays.
zara, on 28th February 2020 11:17am
what i find worrying is that Mr Edwards an officer of the council is reported to have said in an e mail that he needed the clarifications 'before being able to discuss the report with my chief executive about how best to report the findings to the Audit Committee and other interested parties' Sorry but surely the Chief Executive and the councillors should have sight of any report before HE decides what to show them. Surely in his position he is one of the ones who is responsible for the whole debacle anyway - talk about clash of interests. The new Chief Executive (being the one with clean hands in the whole affair) should be the one to decide what is happening? Come on Mr Siddons transparency????

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